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    Need help for installing wordpress

    Have a query about installing Wordpress on a domain and from where to get a shared host? Confused about how to proceed with resolving this query? No worries, scroll through the responses from experts on this ISC page and decide how to proceed.

    Have a query about installing Wordpress on a domain and from where to get a shared host? Confused about how to proceed with resolving this query? No worries, scroll through the responses from experts on this ISC page and decide how to proceed.
    I'm new here and I want to know how do I install wordpress on a domain.
    Can someone explain from the beginning to the end about how to do it?
    For now I have a free host but I want to buy a shared one and I thought to take the same from hostgator.filme porno
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  • Wordpress installing is not difficult. Open the site WordPress for which the URL is shown below.
    Then click on add Create a new site
    A new page will open. Then click on start now
    It will ask some questions answer them and click on continue.
    Automatically it will guide you step by step. There will not be any difficulty. I have started one in the same way. It is easy and you can do successfully. Try now.

    always confident

  • Good thing is that you are already on WordPress and now you want to install it, is not even difficult. You can install it on your laptop or if you want to use it on your smartphone that is also available for you to use and enjoy the great features of WordPress while sharing your post and writing blogs.
    You can get it from the link: https://wordpress.com/stats/day/education862114901.wordpress.com.
    And you can simply download it from people play store for your laptop as well as for your smartphone. It is great to use worpress for sharing what you like to share on it.

  • Installation of the WordPress in ones web host consists of a few step and in brief it is as follows -
    1. From the WordPress site one has to download current version of WordPress and unzip it to a folder in the hard drive.
    2. On the web server, create a database for WordPress.
    3. Upload the WordPress files to the desired location on your web server.
    4. Run the WordPress installation script by accessing the URL where you uploaded the WordPress files.
    5. This will install WordPress.

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  • You can easily add your new custom domain to existing xyz.wordpress.com by following the steps given below;

    Go to https://wordpress.com/domains/manage
    Click on Add Domain at the left side colored button
    Buy the domain by searching suitable one (or) click on Already own a domain?
    It will re-direct the next page, there will be two options right now and select the option per your choice and follow the rest steps.

    For more setting steps on new domain adding on wordpress, you can follow these mapping steps, ref: https://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/map-existing-domain/#steps-for-mapping-a-domain

    You can also try to know how install wordpress on a domain after buying hosting. It depend on hosting service provider. Each hosting service provider has different steps to install the wordpress. You can search as "How to Install WordPress on Bluehost"? or "How to Install WordPress on GoDaddy"? etc. after buying hosting. So that you will get enough detail about it.

    With regards to hosting, you can try https://wordpress.org/hosting/ itself which sometime gives best offer. GoDaddy also has the best planning.

    If you don't contribute much then free wordpress or blogspot is enough with custom domain adding on it and save hosting money. If you are a professional blogger and would like to keep on adding the content then you can go ahead for the domain, hosting, webdesigning, email-domain and on.

  • Let's answer your questions one by one.

    1. Where to get hosting?

    You can either purchase the WordPress hosting or you can get it for free using the free hosting sites like hostinger or the infinityfree etc. In case of the paid hosting there are options like hawkhost, siteground etc.

    2. How to install WordPress on host?

    Manual Method for installing on local or hosted account.

    1, Get a hosting and point your domain to the nameserver.
    2. Download the wordpress zip and upload to the public_html directory of the account.
    3. Open wp-config and edit it with the mysql database name, username of mysql and password.
    4. Now you can open the wordpress install.html file on the domain name. And it should guide you through the process.

    You can check the official wordpress documentation for installing the wordpress locally.

    1. https://wordpress.org/support/article/installing-wordpress-on-your-own-computer/
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWaCHVTi3QY

    Installer Method on Cpanel:
    So if you have cpanel based host you can use the installer scripts to install wordpress. Fantastico and softacullous are two scripts to check in such case. You can just give the details and it can pretty much fill up the WordPress in the database and the domain. So it's lot more easier method.

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