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  • Aadhaar uid not being generated

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    I need aadhar card for joining an MNC. I have gone to the enrolment center and applied for aadhar card. After 7 days the agent called me and uploaded my demographic information with supporting documents.
    It has been 30 days and yet I have not got received it. I need it before 6th May.
    Is there any way out to get the aadhar card?
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  • From your narration it is clear that you have submitted the Aadhaar application in the Aadhaar enrolment centre and your biometric data is captured by them. Now you must have been given an Aadhar enrolment acknowledgement copy in which your Aadhar enrolment number with date and time will be mentioned. You can use this to track the status of your Aadhar Application online.

    Normally it takes 1-2 months time in getting an Aadhaar number and also the Aadhaar card from the UID authority by the post or courier. At present this is the routine time being taken in the process. Meanwhile you can show your Aadhaar enrolment acknowledgement slip to the concerned authorities and request them to allow you provisionally for appearing in exam or interview or joining the organisation and the final outcome will be subject to your producing the Aadhaar card in due course of time.

    If there is a delay in getting your Aadhaar card by post you can check it online in the UID site and download it and print it and it is acceptable till you get your original card by post.

    You can also check with the organisation you are joining whether they accept other proof of address or identity like PAN card/ driving license/ electricity bill/ house registry papers/ voter card etc so that you can get some respite from producing the Aadhaar card immediately.

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  • To obtain an Aadhar card whatever is required to be done has already been carried out by you. The enrolment centre where you have filled your application can be contacted by you. They will give you an acknowledgment in which they mention enrolment number and time of enrolment with date will be mentioned. You can keep that copy with you. You can inform the MNC that you have enrolled for the card and you can tell them as soon as you receive it, you will submit. Generally, they will not object and they will oblige.
    These days it is getting very much delayed in receiving the original card through courier or registered post. But after one month you can see your card on the website. You can download that card from the site and that will be treated as original card for all practical purposes.You are telling that you have done it one month back you check on website whether your card is ready. If it is ready you can down load.
    If you have PAN card or Voter ID card or Driving licence, You can ask MNC to see-this IDs and give sometime for Aadhar card. They will respond positively.

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