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  • Which is the better option-GATE or IBPS?

    Confused between studying for GATE and IBPS? Looking out for advice about the difference between both and how to choose one among them? No worries, check out this Ask Expert page and get advice for how to plan ahead.

    I am currently pursuing my BTtech in CSE branch(2nd year) from a private university.I am very confused regarding GATE and IBPS exams. I want to keep IBPS as my back up option after GATE. Can I do that?
    And how to prepare for them both simultaneously?
    And what other back up options do I have?
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  • The GATE examination is tougher than the IBPS. I know some people who qualified in both the examinations. My friend's son first got qualified in GATE and then in IBP. The syllabus of GATE examination is vast and diversified into various fields. It requires a sound knowledge of one's engineering course and also a few aptitude skills. IBPS only tests your aptitude skill. In IBPS preparation your school knowledge will be more useful. In GATE it is your engineering knowledge that requires more attention. These days IBPS is also raising the level of examinations by each passing year but still, it's easier than GATE as it can be cracked in lesser time due to the comparatively smaller syllabus. The rewards after cracking the exams GATE can fetch you more money and a comfortable life than a banker.
    Once you are qualified in GATE chances for you to get a job in government organisations is more. You will have job satisfaction also as it is more related to the subject you studied. But in bank jobs, it is entirely different and you have to acquire skills in the required fields. Even the promotion chances are less.

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  • IBPS and GATE are different and have different aims and purpose.
    IBPS is purely a job aimed test and interview package. But GATE is the key examination resulting in rank score mainly for deciding eligibility for entry for further higher Post Graduate studies in various institutions and also for a score rank status for applying to jobs in certain organisations .

    Preparation for GATE may be pursued simultaneously with the academic studies( as it will only be an added help for the academics study and exam. of your B Tech course.
    IBPS coaching or self preparation may be preferably started by the second half of the final year of your course. By this time you would have undergone the campus selection for jobs and would have assessed your stand and strength and need about jobs.

    However if you want to keep your aim of higher studies and job in only your own course subject/branch or fie;ld- then you just stick on to GATE.
    I suggest that you give first priority to GATE as it is your subject oriented.So it is preferable and advisable to finish off as immediately as you finish your academic course. IBPS is more a general matter and hence can be prepared more freely and generally. The coaching centres and material are available more easily. However it has more competition and opportunity as well as more stages like preliminary, mains and interview. So you can allot some few months exclusive for IBPS preparation after your academic final exams.

  • GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an all India examination for testing the knowledge and understanding of the undergraduates in the field of engineering and technology. This exam is conducted by IIT on behalf of National Coordination Board – GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt of India. Based on the scores obtained in Gate there are many opportunities for admission to higher studies/ postgraduate studies in apex institutions and applying for various jobs in Govt sector as in many organisations screening is based on GATE score. Only thing is it is very tough exam as scoring high in GATE is considered a commendable thing. The GATE exam is very comprehensive and covers the whole gamut of undergraduate engineering curriculum. Any student who is good in academics must consider appearing in GATE as it opens a door for many splendid careers ahead in life. The GATE score remains valid for 3 years.

    Appearing in GATE does not mean that one can not appear in IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) exam. IBPS exam is for the entry of candidates in the Public Sector Banking and is also a good career option. The banking sector is poised for a phenomenal growth in the coming times and trying to carve out a career there makes sense. IBPS exam is conducted in stages and after preliminary exam in English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability the mains exam is conducted in Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, English Language, Data Analysis & Interpretation and General Economy & Banking Awareness. This is followed by interview. A large number of candidates participate in IBPS and there is stiff competition but with proper preparation and hard work one can get through it.

    I think with strong will and determination one can attempt in both the exams GATE as well as IBPS and then decide further based on the results.

    You will be completing your engineering degree in CSE and after that there are many other career options like going for diploma or short course in computer/ IT related areas and then apply for the jobs in the industry. Another option is if you have interest in teaching then go for M.Tech./ M.E. in computer sciences and then qualify NET (National Eligibility Test) and then apply for lectureship in the colleges or universities. In case you have good academic aspirations you can even think of going for PhD after which you can directly apply for Assistant Professor jobs without going for NET mode. So, there are many options and only thing is everything requires hard, laborious and persistent work to get success in that particular endeavour.

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  • You are pursuing B.Tech-CSE and this is your 2nd year, a best time to start preparing for GATE examination. You might have elective papers included in your current year. GATE is easy when you start preparing from 2nd year because core paper started in this year and have enough time for the preparation.
    I still remember my days, I was in the same situation and there were lot of confusions regarding career selection like whether to join software company after B.Tech or prepare for Government jobs. I have qualified GATE-2013 and 2014 with good score.
    As per my personal experience, GATE is more easier compare to IBPS for engineering student. There are 25 times more competitors for IBPS examinations than GATE examination. Both Tech and Non-Tech graduates are eligible for IBPS examinations.
    If you start preparing from now, you will definitely get good score in GATE. Please focus on below points that may help you getting good score in GATE.

    1. Buy a GATE preparation materials for Computer Science from MADE Easy or from any other institutions. Course contents are same for all.
    2. Buy a handbook for GATE-CSE. This help you to quickly refer the key points.
    3. Make sure your basic concepts are clear till your current year. Refer materials for the papers that you are studying in 2nd year and try to solve the questions. Get in touch with the faculties of your core papers.
    4. Few papers are scoring papers in GATE like - Discrete mathematics, Operating System, DBMS, Theory of Computation, Computer Network, Computer Architecture and General Aptitude.
    5. Join an online test series for GATE, this will let you know about time management. This way you can test yourself.
    6. Time management plays a vital role, so buy a GATE question bank and try to solve the questions. You may face difficulties as most of the questions have mixed concepts from various topics.

    Wish you all the best for your carrier. If you have any further query, you may post questions on indiastudychannel.

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