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  • What to do : MBA or govt job preparation?

    Confused between opting for MBA or preparing for a government job? Searching for detailed information about the pros and cons of both? Find guidance from our ISC experts on this page.

    I want career advice. I have done BSc in agriculture
    Now what to do next ?
    I am confused between MBA in agribusiness or govt job preparation.
    Please suggest me the best option.
    I don't have enough time to decide.
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  • Career making requires a lot of hard work and persistent efforts in any of the areas but if one does it in ones interest area then it is easy to swim ahead because of the passion and liking for a particular discipline or trade. So, that is always a deciding point in career making. Choosing a path follows that consideration.

    Preparing for Govt jobs means to appear in the competitive exams where there is definitely a large number of candidates appearing and competition is tough. In this pursuit one has to study subjects like general knowledge and aptitude tests, logical reasoning, general english and other basic knowledge related to science and humanities. Some exams emphasise on mathematical and computational capabilities while others prefer english and reasoning. So it is a vast area to do preparation and one has to cover as much as possible along with the practice of solving the model question papers and questions asked in previous exams. Due to tough competetion, one has to study deeply to score high and even a score of one mark is valuable as that is crucial for the cut off score.

    On the other hand the option of going ahead in your core area that is going for MBA in Agribusiness seems more lucrative as after this degree there are scopes of jobs in various capacities in this field.

    In our country we have a large agricultural economy and has a lot of job opportunities for MBA in Agribusiness. There are positions available for these persons in management or management trainee level in Govt as well private organisation. In these positions one has to function as a planning or execution manager for decision making in these job functions.

    Some of the positions where one can apply are -
    Agribusiness Office Assistant, Agribusiness Marketing Coordinator, Farm Manager, Farm Auditor, Crop Manager or Coordinator, Agribusiness Food Manager, Agricultural Analyst, Market Analyst, Crop Producer, Quality Controller etc.

    There are many reputed organisations which recruit MBA in Agribusiness for their positions for managing the business. Some of the prominent are Eicher, PepsiCo, Bayer, Parle,
    NABARD, NBHC, Britannia, NCML etc.

    So if you have interest in your core area that is agriculture, I will suggest you to go ahead with MBA in Agribusiness.

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  • Being a graduate you are eligible to apply for UPSC as well State Government jobs. On your selection through UPSC you will be considered for IAS, IPS, IFS and other cadres in the Central Government. These are distinguished posts with good remuneration and social status.

    Similarly every State Government also conduct competitive examinations for the State cadre posts which is next to the IAS, IPS. These are all gazette posts and with the certain years of experience the officials will also be considered for promotion to IAS or IPS.

    In my opinion instead of pursuing MBA you could join the coaching centers which prove extensive training on these competitive examinations.

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  • There are two issues to consider. One is your financial background and your interest.
    These days there is tough competition every where whether it is getting a seat in higher studies and for obtaining a Government job.
    Anybody will prefer to get settled in life by getting a good job. So a lot of preparation and hard work is required for being successful in our attempts. As such we should concentrate a lot. A graduate will be eligible for many posts. A job in a bank, central government jobs, state government jobs and jobs in government undertakings. But competition will be also very high. So if you want to get selected for any of the above posts you have get trained in the way it requires. There many good coaching centres where the coaching will be excellent and you will get very good training and will acquire good knowledge. So it is better for you to join in such institutes and get the best coaching so that it will become easy for you to get selected.
    But if you join in MBA you may not be able to concentrate on these preparations. MBA will be another two years. Again after completing that course you have to try for a job by getting coaching in institutes. So you give preference to the job now itself.

    If you are financially in a very strong position and don't require a job immediately then you can go for MBA,

    You can think of doing B.Ed instead of MBA as chances of getting a government job as teacher will be better than with MBA

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  • Hey Rohan,
    As you are already graduated in B.Sc-Agriculture, this makes you eligible for all the government jobs. You can apply in your field jobs like SRF Agriculture engineer, Agriculture supervisor, Assistant agriculture engineer and many more.
    The best part is you can apply for these Jobs while pursuing MBA-Agribusiness. I would suggest you to pursue MBA and apply for these job parallelly. Once MBA is done, this will add up more carrier opportunities.

  • It depends solely on your interest also on your skills. I would suggest if you don't have good communication skills and are not fluent in English then you should not go for an MBA. Also, it's of no use if you don't study MBA from a premium college like lots of people doing an MBA these days so there are somewhat lack of jobs in the market these days.

    I would suggest you go for the preparation of a government job because the ultimate goal after pursuing an MBA too will be a job so why don't you start preparing it from now without wasting 2 years in doing MBA. If you get a government job then it's far better than doing an MBA.


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  • There are lot of options before you but the first thing needed before arriving at final decision is your eagerness and interest in a particular area. Let us consider some of the options which can be initiated from your end so as to get success in the particular chosen area.
    1) With your graduation in B.Sc in Agriculture, you may appear in the state level civil cervices so as to compete for the post of BDO or its allied services such as Agricultural -officer, Education - officers, Finance - officer etc and success in this direction would depend how deeply you are involved in your preparation with the compulsory and optional papers and your overhaul general - knowledge apart from your excellent oral and written skills in both English and Hindi language. This would require a concerted effort from your end t achieve proficiency in different areas. Coaching from some professional institute would be helpful.
    2) In order to secure a Government - job, you have to face a competitive examination consisting of papers, General- knowledge, Mathematical - concepts and Reasoning paper apart from other papers as decided by the Management and since turn up of the candidates are substantially large success would depend upon your total involvement.
    3) The last option suiting to you would to persue the MBA qualification from the reputed institute in the Agri - Bussiness so that you are fully familiar with the different tools in the Agribusiness. This specialisation would offer you very promising jobs in both government and private sectors such Agricultural - scientist, Farm - manager, Agricultural- analyst etc in addition to your assignment in Maggi, Britannia, Parlays etc as the role of consultants.

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