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    New names of towns changed since 1889

    Unable to locate a rural area in India? With expert help, learn the new names of old villages, towns, and Districts of the place you are trying to locate.

    My ancestors are from Prayagraj UP, and I am researching the name of their village. Can you help determine what the names of these places were changed to?

    Place: Allahabad, India
    District: Pertabgush
    Thana: Jaittiwara
    Village/Town/Mahalla: Pachmohwa
    Departed: Calcutta India on 17 July 1889
    Depot: 343
    Ship Name: Sheila (Sailing Ship)
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  • I have searched the data for the village mentioned in your query but it is not reflecting in census 2011. There is a possibility that the name of this village might had been changed before 2011 itself and there is no reference to this old name anywhere. Allahabad is now known as Prayagraj. Incidentally there are many villages in Prayagraj and if you can get the name of the villages in the vicinity of the village where your parents lived then we can try to make an attempt to locate the perimeter of this erstwhile village. It appears that the name of the locality as well as police station are also changed and we have to get some clue about the nearby places of the village where your ancestors lived to reconstruct the old places. Some significant landmark like pond or river or old heritage building which can be taken as the starting point of our search attempts.

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  • Good day Umesh, and thank you for the research and info. It is my belief that Prayagraj was the original name of the area, as my great grandfather spoke about it to his children (my grandfather). I am wondering if there is an archive for the area that would maintain maps and records of the names of villages in the late 1800's? I am confident all the names have changed, my Great grandfather has a brother who was a policeman in local area, there might be records of policemen who served at local police stations over the years. Is there a archive of records for all the people who were recruited as indentured laborers in the late 1800s? Here are the vitals from the immigration records from Guyana.
    Great Grandfather's:
    Name (s): Chetoo (His Brother was a Policeman)
    Immigrant #: 55 (41707)
    Registration #: 92
    Age: 19
    Cast: Ahir
    Scars: Scar on right thigh
    Height: 5'3"

    Great Grandmother's:
    Name (s): Jasoda daughter of Machu
    Immigrant #: 56 (41920)
    Registration #: 93
    Age: 20
    Cast: Ahir
    Scars: Tattoo on hands
    Height: 4'10"

    Thanks for all you help.

  • I tried many ways and found the below page contains a village Pachmora near Allahabad (Currently Prayagraj).

    Please check this and I hope you will find the required information.


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