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  • Which State Caste certificate is the right one for a job application through OBC category?

    Domiciled in one State while parents are from another State? Know from experts which caste certificate would be the correct one to submit for OBC category proof when applying for a job.

    I was born in Maharashtra and I am domiciled in Maharashtra. My parents belong to Bihar and they migrated to Maharashtra in 1985. I am in OBC category and Non-Creamy layer. I want to know whose caste certificate and Non-creamy layer certificate is required for my job if I am applying through OBC category - from Bihar state or from Maharashtra state?
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  • your nativity will be decided based on your education place. If you studied consecutive 7 years from 1st standard to 12th standard in Maharastra you will be a native of Maharastra. If it is in Bihar your native state will be Bihar. Your Parent's nativity is not the basis for your nativity.
    I and my wife are from Andhra Pradesh. We settled in Telangana. Both my sons studied in Hyderabad only. So their native place will be Hyderabad and their state will be Telangana only. Same is the case with you. Even though your parents are from Bihar, you studied in Maharastra.
    So you have to obtain your caste certificate and Non-creamy layer certificate from Maharastra state only. You may have to submit your parent's caste certificates and income certificates as proof and you have to apply to MRO in your revenue division and obtain the same.

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  • Your family are shifted from Bihar to Maharashtra in 1985. It is now being very long time so you should apply for caste certificate from the Maharashtra. The caste certificate from Bihar will not be right for the Job in Maharashtra.

    There is policy of every state government to provide the caste benefits to their natives. So, I would like to suggest you to apply for the certificate from Maharashtra. Please have a look at the below steps to apply for the certificate.

    1. Make sure the below documents are ready with you before you apply for caste certificate. This can be done offline.
    - Application form - This can be obtained from your nearest Tahsildar office.
    - Residence proof
    - Copy of birth certificate
    - Copy of ration card
    - Copy of income certificate
    - Copy of voter ID card / electoral roll
    - Aadhaar Card
    - Photograph

    2. Online application process:

    - Visit the official website -
    - Click on caste certificate
    - Once you click, you will be redirected on the caste certification page. you can click on Apply button to proceed.
    - Select the required category cast certificate from the dropdown.
    - Attach all the required documents.
    - Click on submit to submit teh application.

    3. You can track the application easily from the portal. You will be having application ID number once you successfully submitted the application. This ID number can be used to track the status of the application.

    Hope this will help you in getting the caste certificate from Maharashtra government.

  • This is a slightly tricky situation as different state Govt may give different criterion for deciding the status of a person as OBC. In your case your parents belong to OBC category of Bihar and now they are settled for quite some time in Maharashtra. Supreme court in one of its judgement has very categorically told that a person who is having an OBC status in one state will be considered as OBC in other states also but the other state should issue an OBC certificate to them. Now it looks very simple but some states want to enquire from the parent state about the genuineness of the OBC certificate while others give excuse like one has not completed so many years in this state entitling one to get an OBC certificate. So, definitely there are practical difficulties but you must apply for OBC certificate from Maharashtra Govt so that based on that you can apply for various jobs here.

    You are born in Maharashtra and completed your education here so you have all reasons to get this certificate in time from Maharashtra Govt.

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  • I don't think you have any choice. As you are born in Maharashtra and domiciled in Maharashtra, you have to get the OBC certificate from Maharashtra only. Your status will be determined as per the Mahrashtra OBC list. Bihar list has no relevance in your case.

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  • Keeping in view of primary education received in Maharastra and also were born in the same state, you enjoy the domicile of Maharastra. You have nothing to do with your parents hailing from Bihar State. Please keep in mind that domicile - status between the parents and their off - springs would varry depending upon birth and the duration of education received from other states.
    So in your case, to procure the OBC certificate and a certificate of Non - creamy layer, you will have to approach the officials of Maharastra - government. Hope, this will help you.

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