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  • Difficulty in to study and memorise the subject of Pathology

    Finding difficulty in studying pathology for the 2nd year MBBS exams? Looking out for tips and advice for exam preparation? Scroll through this page and get ample advice from our ISC experts for your queries.

    As a student of 2nd year MBBS, Pathology has become a nightmare. It is vast with multitude of terms and sometimes even require reading medicine and surgery to understand and yet it all evaporates before the exams.
    I require help with the way to study pathology.
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  • Well, my background is from Software Engineering. I may not advise you better in your field but can suggest you on how the things can be studied and memorized. This may help you in your exam. Please have a look at the below points that may be helpful.

    1. Read the book thoroughly once prepare the key points or highlight with the help of marker. Before examination you can quickly refer the highlighted points to recall everything.

    2. You can prepare power point for all the key points including with images. Or, create document for the same and refer during examination.

    3. You can watch the subject videos instead of reading books and prepare the notes. Videos are more effective way of reading than reading books. You can easily watch the important topics before you go for the examination.

    4. There are many videos for General Pathology and Haematology on YouTube channel. Find the link below, these are from AIIMS, Delhi professors.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Many students face this difficulty during their medical course as medical science is full of terminology from various foreign languages where the initial human anatomy and physiology were discussed and developed. There is a plethora of terms and names which get mixed and create confusion in the mind.

    Medical science is not something to cram at as it is a step by step understanding of human body, its constituents, their anatomy and finally their working in association with other parts of the body. There are chemicals and compounds which are related to the functioning of the body and their amount and concentrations are of crucial importance.

    Pathology is the science of causes and effects of diseases. Pathogy is a big area as it covers analysing of all sort of parameters in blood, urine, body tissue etc and based on those results diagnosis is made. Due to its vastness, it is natural that the terminology will be much varied and bigger than other science branches.

    The only solution to cope up with it is to prepare brief notes wherever we study and link the things together from one end to another to understand the concept of that pathological method. Until unless we understand the underlying principle it will not retain in our memory. Deep understanding of the concepts and repetitions are the only way to a strong memory.

    One thing I will like to mention here which I often quote in my suggestions is that if you like some thing strongly and enjoy it then it will remain in your memory easily than a thing you do not adore. So, we have to like our studies and subjects. This affinity will improve our memory for these particular subjects.

    I give you one example though I am not a medical person. Vitamin D deficiency is very common nowadays as people are deprived of sun light and also have faulty lifestyle. To diagnose it, blood is tested for Vitamin D and depending upon the equipment used the measurement is made. On an average if the measurement is below 30 units, deficiency is diagnosed and Vitamin D supplement is given to the patient. When I read these details it remained in my mind so long that I am able to quote it here. There are many such things which are residing in our mind because we have understood the underlying scientific logic of that particular method.

    I will again say that concentration and interest in anything can help in memorising it and that is the key to retention.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Pathology is the core subject. It is the basis for all future subjects. This subject is very important to understand medicine. If you have a stronghold on this subject it will become for you easy in the other subjects.
    Robbins is a book which gives you a good description of this subject, I was told by my friend who is a doctor. Read 10-12 pages a day. Use a highlighter and mark important points. You can have a glance at these important points at the time of exams. you should thoroughly read and understand it. Never try to make it by heart. Just read the book regularly. Try to understand the basic mechanism of our body. Once you obtain a grip then you can proceed to system wise pathology. Here also you try to read all the topics, The key word being reading. It's normal to forget. But don't worry. Go on reading regularly and be doing in-depth analysis. This will help you tremendously in the long run.
    For the exams, you can read the important topics as suggested by your teacher and the rest of the time make it a habit to read all the chapters. Buy a notebook. Keep writing notes of important points. Take a note on each chapter in a single notebook.
    Concentrate while reading. While reading if you are not able to follow, note down the point and discuss with other classmates and if necessary with the teachers. Try to note down everything properly and keep a note of all the
    important issues.

    always confident

  • While reading Pathelogy, you need to concentrate on the following points so as to assimilate the texts in a much faster way. Here are a few points to be considered while the subject is being studied-
    1) The book of Pathology written by Robbins is to be revised a number of times. Make it a point to read the subject matter at least ten pages daily. The best way to remember any thing and so is the case with the Pathology is not to cram up the content without understanding the basics. If you engage your mind forcefully, the absorption rate will be slow. Repeating the content every now and then is the best way of momerisation.
    2) Review written by Ram Das has been written in a logical and comprehensive manner and by going through this book, this will ease your learning process.
    3) Non - analytical part such as Microbology, Endocronolgy has to be understood clearly since Diabetes, Thyroid gland - disorder have been very common now a days.
    4) You may take help of Vidio - content where you will get slides of different contents and often viewing the same will enhance your retention.
    5) Make your own notes, flow charts of different chapters and diagrams so as to understand the subjects easily.
    6) You may take the help of MCQ books dealing with numerous questions followed by answers for the quick retention of the subject.

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