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  • Suffering from fungal infection from last 6 month

    Suffering from fungal infection for many months? Looking out for root cause of the problem and good remedy to resolve the issue? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice provided and to know the remedies.

    I am 27 years old.
    I am suffering from fungal infection from last 6 month, taking allopathy treatment for relief.
    But not getting good result. Once medicine course complete getting good relief but after some days fungal infection comes again.
    Also my weight rapidly decreasing from 65 to 57.
    Stopped eating sugar, bakery food, dairy food, rice completely.

    Please suggest best treatment complete relief from it's root.
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  • Have you had your sugar levels tested? Are you diabetic? Diabetes could be one of the reasons why infection resurfaces.

    It is not clear where exactly the infection is on your body. The thing about fungal infection is that it thrives under certain conditions. And if those conditions are available the infection will return, despite the treatment.

    It is possible that your clothes carry the strains of the fungus, despite them being washed. That could be the reason for the infection returning. If the infection is in the groin area or in the armpits then I suggest you discard your undergarments and invest in new, cotton, innerwear. Synthetic fibres do not absorb perspiration and fungus grows in damp, slightly warm and dark areas, not just on our body, but everywhere else too. You need to create an environment where the fungus cannot thrive.

    Whenever possible wear loose clothing. And ditch the underwear, when you are at home (if that is possible).

    Personal hygiene is also important, use a medicated soap, especially meant for fungal infections, such as Candid Kz, Abzorb antifungal soap and Nuforce etc. Ask your doctor for advice. Keep the area dry, use an antifungal powder on a clean body.

    Ask your doctor to review your condition. Sometimes antibiotics work better than antifungal medicine in the treatment of candida infections.

  • You may try the following remedies in order to get complete elimination of your fungal disease-
    1) Infection results from low immunity and hence you need to strengthen the same with the regular use of Guduchi Powder approx one GM in both morning and evening to strengthen immunity. Moreover, it eliminates the tridoshas.
    2) In the morning take six leaves of Neem and equal amount of Tulasi, consume the same in both morning and evening. These herbs are antiseptic, antifungus and antifungal in nature and can eliminate your disease with the regular use of the same for two months.
    3) You may use Apple Cider Vinegar regularly after your meal to the extent of two spoons in order to eliminate your infection.
    4) Curcumin used in Haldi can be used fo arrest your infection. The same to the extent of half teaspoon should be mixed in the hot milk and should be used regularly in the night.
    5) Sweet items, cold drink, spicy foods should be avoided so that there is not aggravation of the symptoms.
    6) Include Garlic and Onion in your meal since these herbs help in the purification of the blood.
    7) Keep your clothes and Soap away so that these are not used by others.

  • Fungal infection is generally attributed to the skin infection created by the attack of some fungi on the skin and generally it attacks the damp and moist places like underarms, across the root of toe and other fingers and genital area. There are various types of fungi which can attack and create such infection and due to these infection sometimes the body reacts and allergic itching is also created which more and less looks like another fungal infection.

    If the fungal infection is not treated and arrested in time then it can enlarge and create a lot of complication and deteriorate skin conditions causing severe ailment. Doctors prescribe anti fungal creams and solutions to suppress these conditions and nowadays certain soap preparations are also available which can be used for quite some time to get rid of these infections. Keeping a good hygiene and keeping the skin dry is also a requisite to avoid fungal infections. Sometimes the allergic conditions also mimic the fungal infection but doctors can differentiate and treat them differently.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Fungal infection is caused by the small organisms known as fungi. They are biologically characterised from the presence of a material called Chitin in them. This material is present along their wall sides. There are different types of fungi in nature right from some species of edible mushrooms to life threatening aspergillus. Some of the fungi create skin infections in any part of the body where they get a conducive environment and settle down and make their colonies. These fungi are fast increasing in their numbers and in that process increase the affected area. For this they release spores and reproduce quickly. Some of these are contagious in nature and spread from one place to another and from one affected person to other through contact.

    Different types of fungi can create different type of fungal infection. Some fungi can not survive for long depending upon the body immune system but some can stand to it and victoriously spread in their severity and cause severe infections. One can get these infections from the soil or damp places or from wet walls and damp surfaces in the buildings or vegetation or even from an affected person.

    There are various types of fungal infections. These are mainly Tinea pedis or Athlete's foot, Ringworm, Yeast infection, Fungal infection of the nails and Jock itch. The athlete's foot is generally caught from the common shower floors and such areas. These fungi breed in the space between the fingers of the foot especially toe. This infection generally catches in the skin of the foot though occasionally it can spread to hands and nails also. In the ringworm type of infection red patches are formed on the skin all across the body and sometimes blisters are created which ooze also. Yeast infection is created by the fungi which affect the soft tissues in the human mouth and woman's vagina. They create itchiness, swelling and discharge in the affected parts. Fungal infection of the nails generally affects the nails and makes them brittle and cause scaling underneath. In Jock itch the skin around the areas of our groin area, inner thighs and buttocks is affected. It is characterised by redness of the affected part, feeling of burning, itching, flaking of skin etc.

    So, the different types of fungal infection conditions have their own symptoms and a doctor can prescribe the exact anti fungal cream or drug or solution to combat them. Sometimes they will scrape a small part of the affected area to find out what type of the fungal infection it is so that they can prescribe the appropriate medicine. Sometimes they may prescribe us the medicines to restore our microbial balance which is responsible especially for creating yeast type of infection.

    It is said that prevention is better than cure and there are many tips which are suggested to keep the fungal infection away. Some of them are to keep a good hygiene and wash the hands whenever you have touched the outside things like hand rails on the sides of stairs, gym equipments, common places lockers and accessories, stray animals or even pets, garden soil and other wet flora and fauna, do not use the personal napkins and towels of other people, wear shoes in damp, slippery and moist places etc.

    Most of the fungal infections are cured with the common anti fungal preparations but sometimes if the severity is increased and that is going to turn in a threatening infection then the doctor will prescribe an aggressive treatment of the same with a combination of the drugs oral as well as for local application.

    Knowledge is power.

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