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  • Is EEE in VIT Vellore a right choice?

    Are you having a doubt about choosing an engineering college? Looking out for advice regarding choosing between EEE and Computers? Find advice from our ISC experts here which can help you to resolve your confusion and decide your plan ahead.

    Have I made right choice by choosing EEE in VIT Vellore in terms of placement and education provided? Was I correct by making the decision of choosing EEE over CSE (where I have to pay 2 lakh per annum more and by choosing the branch which was not so famous among students?
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  • VIT (Vellore Institute of technology) is a reputed institution in our country. It was declared as one of the best engineering colleges by the Govt agency NIRF. It was also placed by QS at 176th position among the BRICS countries during the year 2018. It has got a good campus having all the facilities and amenities. VIT has a foreign collaboration with universities there for student exchange program. They have also association with some big organisations like TCS, Wipro, Cognizant etc for campus recruitment. They have got a good placement history also. Seeing all these factors I feel that you have taken a correct decision to join the course there.

    Whether it is EEE or CSE, competition is everywhere. So, we can not compare them like that. What is important is to score high in the course you are enrolled. There is no point in being a mediocre student and just score to complete the course. One has to work hard to come into the merit and with high score only the chances of placement rise manyfold. So, concentrate and focus in the line you have selected and let distraction should not affect your growth. Today we are in a world full of cut throat competition and hard work is the only key to open the door of success.

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  • Vellore Institute of technology is a very famous institute. The teaching and infrastructure in that institution are very good. Many companies will conduct campus interviews in this institute. One of my friend's son studied EEE in this institute. Now he is working in an IT company and earning a good salary. As an institute, VIT is good and you need not worry about the institute.

    Coming to the selection of the branch, it is purely an individuals choice and you should go as per your choice. These days IT jobs are not only for CSE students but also for other engineers also. My elder son did his B.Tech in EEE and he got placement in campus interviews in IBM. He worked there for some time and then shifted to Infosys and presently he is there as a team lead. So for IT jobs there is no problem. If you are interested in core jobs EEE is a very good option and you will have good jobs in State Electricity boards and in other areas also. Almost all manufacturing industries require Electrical Engineers and there will be a good scope for EEE people to get a job. I will say that by opting for EEE you have made your chances increased for getting a job not only in IT companies but also in other industries also.
    As I understand EEE is a little tough subject when compared to other subjects. So you have to put up hard work and see that you will get a good percentage and you should concentrate on the subject so that you will be on the top always. All the best to you.

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  • The institution VIT vellore is known for its quality education in almost all field of Engineering and it is ranked around 76 th ranks in terms of best Engineering colleges and apart from it has tie up with the foreign universities for the further persuasion of higher studies.
    Your choice by opting Vellore seems to be wise one keeping in view of the placement - oppurtunities you are likely to get at the end of your last semesters. Be hundred percent sure that you will be landed into a job in a topmost MNC's such as TCS, Tech Mahindra, Cognizent, IBM, Infosys etc because of the rapport of the Institution.
    EEE is your choice where you will get detailed inputs of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and such a degree is quite relevant in almost all industries such as SAIL, ONGC, DVC, NTPC apart from your chance of absorption in IT companies provided you maintain high consistency in tems of performance.
    Irrespective of the stream, your best performance will be taken into consideration by the Employers. Hence you need to develop other skills such as oral and written skills so that your interview proves impressive in the final round of interview.

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