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  • Searching for a job at an advanced Age

    Wondering what to do after taking voluntary retirement? Searching for details of any jobs in the banking sector in administration or operations? No worries, scroll through this page and get suggestions from our ISC experts.

    I am now just 60. I took voluntary retirement in 2014. I had a piece of land which I got promoted. The construction had started in 2012. At that time I was working as an operation executive in a multinational company. I was then happy and peaceful. But in the year of 2014 while my construction was going on, I had to take voluntary retirement due to misbehavior of the promoter and also to tackle various problems created by him. My flat construction was complete in the year of 2015. Now I have been residing in my newly constructed flat. Now so many issues in front of me related to my property that I have to take legal advice at every step and thus spend huge amount of money. At present I am very badly in need of a job. Even I don't get any pension to support myself. But so to say I don't have enough time now to search website and send my CV to different places etc. Moreover at this advanced age I cannot rush for interviews everywhere as I had done in my young age. As I was in operations, I would prefer Banking sector or some other similar sectors where administration and operation are required. So then what to do and how to do, so that I can get a job(reserved for senior most people) as early as possible. Otherwise it would be very difficult to sustain myself.
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  • Getting a full time job at an advanced age is not an easy thing as most of the organisations prefer young hands. Still, people with experience and skills and ability to drive a work force can get a job and some of the options are as follows.

    If you have academic knowledge and an interest in teaching then the teaching or coaching in the coaching centres is an ideal way of making money at this age. Coaching centres are always in search of experienced people in this respect as fresh people often leave them for greener pastures.

    Another simple solution is to try to get a managerial job in a departmental store or mall or provision store where they also want senior people for keeping a discipline on salesmen as well as seeing the overall administration and work flow related to GST or other routine things. They may not pay you much in the beginning but if they find you useful and adding value there, they may soon increase your emoluments.

    One other option is to join a group of people or agency providing paraphernalia for functions and arranging fairs and other such functions. There is a good demand of event managing teams nowadays and there is ample scope of earning there. Only thing is it is a bit cumbersome and requires a bit running also to manage the work. Many people are employed in this area nowadays.

    The agencies managing tours and travels also require people to manage their bookings and other things related to customer services and coordination work. That is also a good avenue as they give good commissions on the work performed.

    As you indicated that you have some interest in banking related work, you can try to get a job in some private financial and investment company where there is good work available related to the investment and financial consulting and advising. Some of them deal in stock market and commodity trading and that is also a lucrative area but you will have to go for some short course on learning the subtleties of this field.

    The other option is to work online in internet in various survey sites or creative writing sites or other earning modes but due to the enormous rush in these places the returns might not be encouraging but yes that is one area which can be explored if one has such interests.

    It is said that if health is all right a person can comfortably work up to the age of 75 though in rare cases people work even up to 80 or more. So, there is no problem as such and only thing is we have to be prepared to work hard and ready to learn things even at this stage of life.

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  • At the age of 60 years, many private companies may not offer jobs as the output may be less from the people of that age. But many people give them some consultancy works which will be time bound and piece rate. You can try such works.
    If you have good contacts and if you know many people being an insurance agent will also be a good option. As you have good experience in operations and you are showing interest in banking operations. the insurance may be a good option for you.
    Based on your interest you can also try for part-time teaching posts in colleges. There are a number of private colleges now and there is a shortage of teaching professionals. Many of the retired employees from various government organisations are also opting for these posts. You will definitely get a teaching post either in a regular college or in coaching institutes. Some colleges will pay an hourly basis and some may take on a monthly basis. You can choose as per your interest. If it is an hourly basis. you can go for more than one college and you will get handsome amounts.

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  • At this age, I don't think it's easy for you to get a fulltime job. It's better to open up your own small business. Every one requires money for survival so you too.

    Search for a part-time job you may get them. If you are educated enough start giving tuitions to kids, these days people earn well from it.

    It's not advisable for a person to work rigorously after 60 years. Part-time jobs are easily available you can try them.


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  • You have already reached the age of sixty years and hence it won't be advisable to put prolonged hours in any assignment, rather part time jobs should be preferred in order to have a decent income at the end of the month. A few useful tips are noted down below-
    1) You need to have introspection of your strong areas in terms of your studies in the high/ higher secondary - level and to what extent You were interested in the streams of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If still any one of these subjects fascinate you, persue this hobby for earning substantially in the form of tutions. Either you start your own or join a coaching institute and exhibit your potential in this area. Even for working for one hourdaily to a batch of students consisting of ten and translate an earning of minimum of five thousand and you in a day you may offer tutions to four batches. With the progress of time, you would be popular among the student - circle and your earnings would grow significantly.
    2) Start Data - processing job available on the internet. However, you need to choose a right plateform since many plateforms don't prove to be remunerative one.
    3) LIC is more interested to expand its business and you may approach the office of LIC and be an active agent of LIC and this will offer you a chance of earning handsome commission if you could sell LIC policies to different customers.
    4) Look out of the strength of students coming from different cities in your city for receiving tuitions in different subjects, they need a better mess and would like to get their foods in ther accommodation. You can take up this avocation if interested.

  • One side of the picture is that there would be fewer options left after this level but the good thing is that this is not an end of the journey but still being accompanied with the opportunities which we can advantage of but at the same time expecting any discount in context to efforts & hard work wouldn't work.

    On the priority list & at the same time the easiest one would be to open-up with your own coaching classes. The biggest advantage with this is that this wouldn't need any heavy investments but instead your experience onto this context would prove to be a good asset for you. The subjects could be anything related to personality development or English coaching or of some guidance with reference to the Management studies.

    On the other options, you can use your existing contacts so as to get the good opportunities relevant to your expertise wherein you can have options of working as a consultant for the management team. From my point of view, I suggest you to use this to the maximum possible ways rather than sending resumes to those who are not aware of your contacts directly which seems less effective.

    The market have got numerous other options but then the salary part may be the disappointing one for you & at the same time due to age constraints you can't expect yourself to opt for the part time jobs.

    Being positive is a good sign but accepting the on ground realities would be good too for managing & taking the decisions. In the meantime my humble request for you to pl. goes ahead with the existing contacts & just begins with the coaching classes & than as more contacts are added with you, you can have extensions too in terms of business & income.

  • As an HR person, I am telling your first line itself impressive-just 60 years. Normally the scrutinizers of applications just like that reject or set aside the application by seeing the age. If you are really interested in seeking any job you are advised to contact manpower agents in person and explain the situation. You may be in 60 but seems to be active as of 45. So you can convince the consultant and in turn, they will justify the job provider.

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