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  • Whey protein effect on Fibroadenosis

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    I am 25 and have facial hair growth(chin), fibroadenosis and 1.07 ng/ml Testosterone. I am a regular gymer who indulge in heavy training so consumption of whey protein and soy is regular. But will this worsen my case?
    Suggest some foods that I need to include in my daily routine.
    Help required.
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  • What you have mentioned in your query are the normal things which many women in the age group of 25 to 35 years experience. There is nothing to worry in it and this is the change of harmones during the menstrual cycle of a woman and the rubbery lumps are also formed in the breast and are known medically as fibroadenosis. So these are very usual manifestations in this age group and sometimes may need medical scrutiny also.

    You are a regular in gym so you must be burning a lot of calories and naturally you should maintain the food intake accordingly. Protein and carbohydrates both are required in this condition. Pulses, eggs and dairy products are to be taken regularly. You can continue your present supplements. For keeping the body minerals and elements in good shape you can go for some general supplements like Complan or equivalent one once a day with tea or milk.

    Another important aspect is do not exercise for prolonged time and take intermittent breaks also. If you can devote some time for Yoga and Pranayam, it will be beneficial for the overall growth.

    Include greens and salad in your meals and avoid the oily and junk food as far as possible.

    Do not go for any aggressive harmones therapy as these may create other complications as these subjects are still under research phase. In case of any doubt or confusion contact an experienced doctor who will guide you properly.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The current manifestation of hair growth in the vicinity of chin , fibroid enosis and your present value of testerone indicate some hormonal disorder and such manifestations occur in some ladies of your age bracket. This calls for an immediate remedial steps to be taken from your end-
    1) You need to consult a Hormone - specialist to fix your problem.
    2) Some hormonal therapies are available and with the administration of such medicines, you may get immediate relief giving you immediate relief but the side - effects could be worse with the self - medication.
    3) Whey - Protiens is the best supplement to compensate Protiens deficiency with absolutely no side - effect if the consumption level is around 40 GM per feed. In that way, this can be consumed twice a day.
    4) Whey - Protiens would help you to improve your metabolism making you slim. This is possible due to presence of higher chain of fatty acid in it.
    5) It can reduce your High Blood Pressure and you can maintain healthy range of Blood - sugar.
    6) The other foods you may include are Almonds, Walnuts to be taken in moderate quantity to nourish your bodies because these nuts will provide adequate antioxidants and othe vitamins and essential minerals.
    7) Include Apples, Carrots, Cucumber and green sprouts of Moong in your diet.
    No, whey - Protiens does not have side effects if taken in moderate amount.

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