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  • MIB Master of International business

    Planning to start your own business? confused between doing MIB and MBA? here, on this ask Expert page you can check out advice provided by our ISC experts and decide forward plan of action.

    I have completed BSc Computer Technology in 2018 and do not get a job. My dream is start my own business. I want to study PG because I want to know about MIB. But it is Commerce stream. I can do MBA also, but it will cost 4 Lakh.
    I am confused between both.
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  • There are many career options after B.Sc. in computer technology. Only thing is one has to make up ones mind in which direction one has to make a career and how it is going to be the line in which one has keen interest or one where one has moderate interest. This is important to find out as most of the people are able to work hard only in their line of interest and liking and in other places they find themselves resistive and lethargic. Anyway you can think of following options for your career.

    1. Starting your own business is a difficult thing but it is a great ambition because there is no limit of the progress a person can make in due course of time. What type of business can one have? The answer to this universal question is the hidden inside the skills and knowledge you have acquired. You can do a course on graphic printing and start your own printing work as posters and other charts are required by everyone today from advertising purposes to display measures. You can start a small coaching centre where children can be taught the fundamentals of computer and computer related things. You have done computer course does not mean that you should have business ideas only related to this area. It is not essential. If you have attitude for business you can even simply do wholesale or retail trading in so many commodities. You ma go for loan from the bank or take loan under Mudra Yojna. If you feel that you can not take the business responsibilities alone then you can very well join a team of like minded people for starting or operating a business. Recently a group of students started a short distance courier service in Mumbai North area and they are doing very good.

    2. You can go for higher qualification like M.Sc./ MBA/ PG Diploma courses etc for enhancing your area for job hunting. You have to see your financial condition also before joining them as some of the courses charge high fees. If you have a knack for research you can continue after Post Graduation also and that may entitle you to apply for lectureship in colleges and universities.

    3. Have you got interest for teaching line. If so, you can go for B.Ed. and then you can apply against so many vacancies of teachers in schools which are advertised time to time.

    4. With computer background you have a good scope to get a job in some computer tutorial institute where you can train the people who are learning so many fundamental courses. In that atmosphere you will also learn many things in your part time or spare time. You can even do advanced courses from there itself after which the institute will re designate your position.

    5. Some multinational companies recruit B.Sc. computer area persons for their developmental projects and some companies require them for the digital marketing work. Both these areas are good prospects in a longer run. One can try applying in such companies whenever one sees an opportunity like that.

    6. Have you not thought about the competitive examination like state services, subordinate services, banking services, railway services, central civil services and executives in PSUs etc. These competitions are generally held to test the reasoning and aptitude potential of the candidates along with knowledge of english languages. Preparing for one of them will help you in other exam also. There is tough competition there but it is worth trying as it opens up a brilliant career.

    Coming to the other part of your query that is MIB versus MBA, I have to tell you that MBA is very general and is a way to so many industries in India while MIB is a bit specific in its approach as it deals and emphasise on international business. It is a management course but modules are prepared from the angle of business in export and import arena. So at this stage for you it will be better to go for MBA.

    Last thing which I want to advise is that career making requires a lot of hard work, persistence and patience to carve a way in this crowded world and half hearted attempts will always be a disaster in our life. So there is no substitute for focused approach and determination.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You need not be frustrated with the current situation. First of all, you need to analyse the ways which if followed sincerely would brighten your career - horizons. Let us consider the following points.
    1) With your present qualification ie B.Sc in computer - science, you may get a job of a computer teacher in High School with your appointment of the school - secretary in the schools close to your vicinity.
    2) You may approach any computer - institute providing coaching to the aspirants interested for acquiring Diploma in Computer - application or in the different modules such as Java, C++, Oracle etc with which you are familiar.
    3) Start preparing for the job of Probationary - officers for LIC or for the banks of both Nationlised or private ones. You need to have some specialised coaching provided by the premiur institutes to crack through the test.
    4) With the present qualification, you can for the Civil Service post or for the allied posts if interested for this line. Consistent practice is required to achieve this goal and your chances of selection will multiply through the inputs provided by the institutes offering coaching in this direction.
    5) While remaining in a school make an attempt to clear B.Ed from a recognised university to make a permanent career as a teacher.
    6) Doing MBA through some Known B Class School would be a better idea or still better, clear the CAT test so as to have your enrolment in IMM
    7) IBM is the specialised studies related to export/ import and hence such a course should be undertaken with your passion in the similar areas.

  • Here 1st we go & discuss of business & its types

    1. Service Business
    2. Retailing Business
    3. Manufacturing Business
    4. Hybrid Business

    Service Business: In this type of business individuals providing services like salon, massage, repair shops, Iron shop, Washing clothes, banking firms, law advice.

    Retailing Business: In this type of business individuals buying stuff likes jewelry, clothes, books, food & beverages, grocery stores, convenience stores, distributors, and other resellers, etc buying in wholesale and selling at higher rates.

    Manufacturing Business: This is like a merchandising business, but buying raw materials and involving machinery, labor & producing new products and buying them at higher prizes and he can supply bulk for wholesalers & also retailers.

    Hybrid Business: These are a unique type of business where all the end products are bought together & arrange them and sells them. Like restaurants providing dining services.

    Secondly Forms of Business :

    1. Sole Proprietorship
    2. Partnership
    3. Corporation
    4. Limited Company
    5. Cooperative

    Sole Proprietorship: In this, an owner is a single person & the risks have to be borne by a single person. The owner faces unlimited tensions. It is a bit costly & risky type.

    Partnership: A partnership is a business owned by Two or more persons who distribute works & resources into the business. The partners divide the profits of the business equally.

    Now, these two are enough for your type of business.

    Go with your passion, If you like to do business just start a small scale business & try. still, you have age for trying out other things too in life.

    For this small scale business, you just need to spare 3 to 4 hours of time until it clicks in a market. After you can continue your studies and manage your business. My suggestion is don't bury your passion for doing business.

    Now coming to MIB & MBA.
    You wanted to know what exactly in MIB goes on. You will always get an option of knowing about MIB through a number of articles, youtube channels & even on some online programs. If you subscribe to them then that's it but you will not get a certification.

    Crack the CAT exam and you will get a good college for pursuing MBA.


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