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  • Can we use WhatsApp in desktop Computer in sync with Mobile Application?

    Have a query. about using whatsapp on a desktop computer and sync it with the mobile app? Searching for the detailed procedure to do so in case it is possible to do so? Here, scroll through this Ask Expert page and check out the responses for your query.

    WhatsApp is a popular mobile application. Using WhatsApp in desktop or laptop PC has many advantages. We can easily download the attachment from WhatsApp and take a print. Similarly we can easily share pictures, documents from the system.

    Is it possible to use WhatsApp in Desktop or Laptop and sync the same with Mobile application. If so can anyone explain how to do this process?
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  • Yes, you can use the WhatsApp in laptop or desktop very easily. The complete procedure is as follows:
    1. Open the browser and visit
    2. It will ask you the mobile number, so type the mobile number which is linked to WhatsApp.
    3. You will get a barcode after entering the mobile number.
    4. Scan the barcode shown on the screen of the laptop with your mobile phone.
    5. After scanning, you will find all the messages on the desktop.

    Your phone should be connected with the desktop so it is necessary that both desktop and mobile phone both have an active internet connection.

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  • Whatsapp finally released a web version, that's not easy to open in any browser. Whatsapp for time being will open the web version through Google chrome only.

    And the Google chrome should be installed on computer, not in a tab or phone.

    1. Firstly to open a web version WhatsApp you need to update the whatsapp to the latest version & then only you will be finding an option as WhatsApp web in the menu option on your phone.

    2. Next you can't open an account with the web version on desktop. You should have a account in your phone with Android, windows or iPhone users. Then only you can open a web version WhatsApp.

    3. Then after, if you want to open a web version WhatsApp. You should first type WhatsApp web in your computer on Google chrome browser.

    4. The page opens & it displays a QR code on the right side of the page & on the left side it clearly shows the steps to be followed in the mobile to connect with web version WhatsApp.
    5. In your mobile go to menu, it shows a drop down menu with an option called whatsapp web. Click on it.
    6. It opens a scanner, just scan the QR code on your chrome browser. The phone will vibrate & it automatically connects to the computer.
    7. Only one connection can be done at once.
    8. Ensure your mobile is connected with internet connection. Otherwise you will not be able to connect your phone.
    9. You can view your all chat heads on web version which are in your phone.
    8. At this moment only some features are allowed to use from your web version.
    Like you cannot update your status on web version.
    You can't exit from the group or delete the group.
    9. The attachments will work in both ways, when you send an attachment from the computer, it will reflect on your phone too.
    10. Nothing is saved on the desktop after the phone is disconnected, unless you download it on the desktop.
    11. No one will know that you are typing a message from desktop or from mobile.
    12. The web version will use your mobile internet only, if your phone is disconnected the web version shows your are offline.

    Benefits of desktop/web version:
    The only advantage I found is you can chat through the keyboard & attachments can be easily sent from computer.

    Your phone battery drains very quickly.

  • WhatsApp has both desktop and the Android app interface. You can sync the both interface at the same time. This can be done suing the WhatsApp Web interface.

    You can access the whatsapp web interface using the following step.

    1. Open the following URL :
    2. When it asks you to scan the QR code, scan it from the QR scanner in the whatsapp web option of the app.
    3. To access the whatsapp web QR code scan option, tap on top hamburger menu.
    4. Then tap onto the Whatsapp web.
    5. Scan the whatsapp web QR from the desktop webpage.
    6. After scanning the desktop interface should open up.
    7. This interface is synced with the mobile.
    8. You can now add files from desktop to your mobile contacts from whatsapp.

    Web interface is handy for you to upload the files. Especially those images that you took through the phone can be transferred in this interface to the computer. However this interface is not a good option to view the chat though as you don't get much control over font and emoji much.

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