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  • AMIE (Production / Mechanical)

    Worried about what to opt for after completion of 4 year diploma program? Looking out for resolving this query and whether to opt for AMIE or any online degree course? Feel free to check out the advice provided by our ISC experts on this page.

    I completed my 4yrs Sandwich pattern Diploma in 2004 & working abroad. I had done B.E - Production(Final Semester) but due to personal problem could not complete the same. Now, I would like to complete my UG. Kindly guide as how to proceed.
    At present, as AMIE is under case for its recognition, what to do. Should I go for AMIE or should I opt for online degree course.
    Kindly help.
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  • Before proceeding the AMIE course, you have look into the advantageous of acquiring this course. A few points goes in favour of this course-
    1) AMIE degree is considered to be at par with any engg degree having four year tenure offered by the recognised university and moreover former is recognised from the ministry of HRD, union government and has its recognition world over.
    2) You may clear the course in part wise instalment depending upon your convenience with respect to your time.
    3) Self - study or specialised coaching from a premiur institute can be taken up without any dislocation of your studies and you can report for your normal duty.
    4) If you want, you can take up M.Tech course in the stream you have completed your AMIE.
    5) There exists a doubt - removal session being conducted by the experts of the subjects for a specific period and upon attending the same, you can resolve your doubt.
    Keeping all these points in mind, it is definitely superior than any other degre courses in Engneering recognised by an university.
    Since you have passed your Diploma in 2004 and now interested for the degree with a huge gap, this could be questionable while persuing your degree courses from a recognised Engineering college but this would not be case while persuing AMIE course.

  • AMIE is treated as good as an engineering degree and in your case as you have already done the diploma you will be eligible to go for AMIE as diploma stream students (Senior Technical Member) candidate. You can do AMIE in a leisurely pace also as it is very flexible in that aspect.

    Another good thing with AMIE is that it is recognised even in some foreign countries like USA by its Foreign Credential Service. In comparison to regular B.Tech., it is easier also as one has to complete only 13 parts, 1 project and 10 lab experiments. One interesting thing is if one can pursue M.Tech. after AMIE then he can switch to teaching job also if one desires so. That opens a new avenue. Moreover AMIE is a distance education mode course and is very convenient in that respect. I will suggest you to go for AMIE.

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  • AMIE is the best course rather than on online courses.
    For all practical purposes, AMIE is treated equally to B.Tech in the concerned stream.
    AMIE you can study leisurely and clear paper by paper based on your time and interest. There is no rule that you have to finish all the courses at a time.
    AMIE is recognised by almost all government departments equal to B.Tech for job opportunities as well as for further studies.
    AMIE course you can complete by self-study. There are some coaching institutes where you will get specialised coaching for this course. You can join in any institutes for any paper you want. You need not go for a full course.
    AMIE course is good for getting selected to a post.
    Keeping the above facts in view you can go for AMIE.

    always confident

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