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  • How to grow in my career

    How can one grow in terms of career after working as accounts manager and being a semi qualified CMA? Searching for detailed information about what to do? Our ISC experts shall provide you guidance to plan a successful career.

    I am working as manager accounts in a medium scale partnership firm which is holding distribution for consumer durables for 4 brands in home appliances for 3 districts in A.P. We are having 4 branches for which centralized accounts office is situated in our place. I am working as Accounts manager for 3.5 years.
    I am semi qualified CMA and my doubt is how can I grow for a settled stage? At present I am around 40 years.
    Please guide me how can I enhance my career . I have expertise in accounts and GST filing also. Besides doing as a income tax practitioner also for the past 4 years.
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  • The fact of the matter is that if the organization has still the opportunities to learn & grow than its good to stay for some more time or else the indications are clear to move on with some good organization which can indulge you in some diversified roles along with a comparatively high salary package. For this you need to prepare a good resume highlighting your experiences along with the positive aspects that the other organizations can take advantage of.

    The process wouldn't be too easy as it seems to be in the initial phases but this would also require a lot of patience & consistencies as you would be in competition with numbers of other aspirants & in order to do better you would have to go head beyond them in every aspect.

    In addition, you also need to work on some professional courses like that of MBA in Finance & Accounts which will greatly assist in your shifting to a good profile.

    Beside to this, if you would like to some part time consultancies jobs in GST filing as well as an income tax practitioner than this also can prove out to a good choice for you as later on you can own your consultancy services to say the least. This is possible as you too would also have been evident of such part time consultancies provided to your current organization. The thing is how you take it & make a move to make it happen in real terms.

  • You are already having a career in a consumer durable distribution company and from your details it appears that you are already well involved in the operations of your employer's business enterprise. As you told that you are a semi CMA qualified person which means that you understand and carry out the various works in the areas of financial planning, analysis, and management decision-making. That is a crucial job and is the backbone of any business house. Your knowledge of Income Tax and GST is an added advantage to you.

    If you are sure of your capabilities then you can ask or request the employer for enhanced responsibilities and work flow through your command and in that case the associated remuneration will automatically be coming to you. Meanwhile you have to explore some other greener pastures where your expertise will be remunerated in a better way. Once you give this hint to your present employer that there are some better places for your talent and experience he will be concerned about you and at that very point you can find your worth in the present set up. Their concern for your retention in the company will be the first signal to you that they need you.

    Meanwhile please find out what are the areas in your place where you are not able to contribute much due to lack of your knowledge and these are the lines where you can go for short courses to bring you at par with the other managers or workers in the company. Please remember that the career making is a cut throat competitive thing and you can not have any laxity in that by giving space to other in your area of expertise. You have to use your experience and expertise as the tools to progress in your career ladder. Normally the experienced accounts manager can easily become the general manager in any company.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The first task you should take up is to finish your CMA. You can't keep it for long as semi-finished CMA. Once you complete your CMA examination you will have more chances for you to get a good job.
    You might have understood the chances of getting promotion and getting into more responsible positions in the same Organisation. A known devil is better than an unknown ghost. The present Organisation you know better and you have a better understanding of the company. As such you explore the possibility of getting elevated to the next senior level in the same organisation with improved responsibilities and better pay packet.
    There are many organisations and almost all organisations will be recruting senior professionals in accounts. So see the advertisements and go on applying for the relevant posts. Please don't send a ready-made biodata to all the positions. Make CV based on the requirements of the position you are applying and you can highlight your experience in your CV.
    You can post your CV in, Timesjobs. com and other similar portals. Important recruiters will be referring to these portals and shortlisting the people and interact with them. If they feel your CV is suitable, they will contact you.

    always confident

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