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  • Need a name for our new home

    Are you shifting to a new home? Searching for a suitable good sounding house name preferably Sanskrit or Hindi? here, on this ask Expert page you can get good names with the meaning here.

    We are shifting to a new home next month. We have been debating many house names, but we cant decide on a single name. We cant find a single name that we all like alike.
    Can anyone suggest a nice name for our new house? Sanskrit or Hindu house names will be the most suitable for us. Please suggest some beautiful house names with good meanings and sounds good. Please mention the meaning of the name along when you post a name.
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  • Here are the names for your new home-
    1. Aashrayam- Shelter,
    2. Chetan Bhavan- Shelter for the living forces,
    3. Gokulam or Dwaraka- Sri Krishna's places,
    4. Jyothsana Graha- Home of radiance,
    5. Kailasam- Home of Lord Shiva,
    6. Nirvana- Salvation,
    7. Vrindavanam- Abode of Lord Krishna and Radha,
    8. Keerthi- Prosperity,
    9. Vasundhara Graha or Vasudha Graha- Both means mother Earth,
    10. Bodhi Graha- Home of enlightenment

  • 1. You are a Hindu I feel. So if you know your Gothram, that can be a beautiful name for your house.
    For Example, Our Gothram is Srivatsa. Srivatsa is the name of a rushi. I named my house as Srivatsa.

    2. My father's name is Uma Maheshwar and my mother's name Is Ramana. So my father named his house as Umaramaniyam. Like that, you can try mixing your name and your wife's name. That may look nice.

    3. You can name it as Ananda Nilayam which means that house of happiness.

    4. Mathru Nilayam which means Mother's place. It is a way to show your gratitude to your mother.

    5. Some good names which are coming to my mind are

    Radhaa Nilayam: A place where Radha Stays
    Sri Nivas: A house of wealth
    Ratnalaya: A place where you will find diamonds.
    Gayatri Nilayam: A place where Gayatri stays.
    Sukha Sagar: A ocean of comforts

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  • Firstly I would suggest as MAHIKA

    It is a Sanskrit word & generally means Earth, Dew, Mist, Frost. and it is a girls name.

    The word perfectly carries on the characteristics of your house and the Indian originality and the sweetness it has.

    Rare and best Sanskrit names for houses, apartments, flats, and villas

    • Athulyam -Incomparable

    • Advaitham -Nonduality

    • Aishwaryam -Prosperity, wealth

    • Anantham -Infinite, unlimited

    • Anaadi -Without beginning

    • Amulyam -Priceless, Excellent

    • Amritham -veritable Nectar

    • Amrithabindhu -A drop of nectar

    • Ashwamedham -A form of sacrifice where a horse is sent around to establish supremacy

    • Aksharam -Indestructible

    • Aadidaivam -he supreme god

    • Aadithyavarnam -luminous li!e sun

    • Aananthamaya -Full of great happiness

    • Aaradhana -Worship

    • Aarjavam -implicitly

    • Aashrayam -Imperishable

    • Anamayam -Without miseries

    • Swarg (Heaven)

    • Aum/OM.

    • Guru Krupa (God Blessings)

    • Mannat

    • Dream Palace

    • Ghar (All family lives together)

    • Kutumb. (Family)

    • Ashiyana

    • Arpanam (Offer )

    • Aarjavam (Simplicity)

    • Aravindam (Lotus)

    • Ayodhya. (Kingdom of Shri Ram)

    • Gokulam (Place of Shri Krishna)

    • Palace

    • Dwarikadish

    • Tirth

    • Ratnam

    • 24. Family

    • 25. Shiv

    • 26. Namah

    • 27. Har

    • 28. Santo ki Kripa (Bless of saints)

    • 29. Santosh

    • 30. Sukh Sagar (Ocen of happiness

    • 31. Laxmi Sagar (Ocen of money, or blessing of Laxmi Devi)

    • 32. Daya Sagar ( Ocen of kindness)

  • There are many names possible but I will limit to some which are full of love and affection.

    1. Prem Neer - A house where love resides.
    2. Ma Shakti - Depicting the power of mother.
    3. Gharoda - A love house.
    4. Upwan - A garden.
    5. Bageecha - A garden.
    6. Sneha Kuteer - A house where affection is there.
    7. Asha Kunj - A house with hope.
    8. Prem Kunj - A house full of love.
    9. Naveen - New.
    10. Pratibimb - The image.

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  • As per the given parameters,, I suggest a few general names below :

    1.Aanand Bhavan- House of Happiness

    2.Home/Om Shanti- Denotes peace and tranquillity

    3.Santhosh Nivas- Place where happiness resides-(House of Happiness)

    4. Shantam- Tranquil(peaceful)

    5. Abhiivrudhi- Prosperity(Progress)

    5. Anugraha- Blessed

    6. Aishwarya Bhavan- - House of prosperity

    7. Mangal Nivas- Goodness house

    8.Sree Nivas- Where Sree(Laxmi/ wealth resides) House of wealth

    9. Shubham Shantam- Auspicious and peaceful

    10. Pitru Kripa- Blessed by ancestors

    You may choose an auspicious word or name of a God or Goddess or your son/daughter and use as such or with prefix with Nivas, Bhavan, Kuteer, Gruha etc suitably.

    The name should have positive and auspicious meaning, should be easy and musical to pronounce.

    Best Wishes to you.

  • The query has been posted as "Anonymous" but still for the clarification & understanding the names suited are often concerned with some relevance in context to some holy scriptures or characters & in case this is not coming under with the above than our last name or surname are best suited to the occasion. For instance, my last name or surname is "ANAND", and therefore if I am about to name my own residence then this could be as below,
    1. Anand's Bhawan
    2. Anand's House
    3. Anand's Enclave
    4. Anand's Residence
    5. Anand's Palace

    And this could go on likewise or as you intend to see & imagine of your home because after all its yours belonging now. If this not being the case then you can finally opt referencing to your Parental God or could be in the name of holy saint.

  • Lots of names already suggested. I would like to add-
    1. Aashiyana- a beautiful Hindi name, a synonym of home
    2. Maatri-chhayaa- meanes mother's love, again a Hindi name
    3. Surname-bhuvanam- it is again a synonym of home


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  • Why don't you keep the house name against the title you hold (Last name). You can also keep it against your mother or father's name.

    I would like to suggest below

    1. Sukoon(Peace)
    2. Ashiyana
    3. Manat
    4. Utpal (Beginning)

  • There are several name of house which has beautiful meaning. I would like to suggest some of them are as follows:-
    1. Aabharana (Jewel)
    2. Aalayam (Home)
    3. Aastha (Faith)
    4. Aavaas (Home)
    5. Akshi (Existence)
    6. Alakananda
    7.Alakapuri- A mythical city in the Himalaya
    8. Amrita (Full of nectar)
    9. Bhavan (Home)
    Apart from these you can keep your house name 'Gruham' which means 'home', is one of the famous words in Sanskrit classes.

  • I am suggesting three names which I like.
    1. Alankrita ----- Well decorated person or a thing.

    2. Lumbini. ----- Grove. The grove in which Buddha was born.

    3. Mandakini ---- Aakaasa Ganga. Heavenly river. Garden of Kubera.

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