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  • Selection of career {group after 10}

    Have you just passed tenth? Wondering what to choose among commerce, arts or science or how to choose between MEC or CEC for CA or Law course? No worries, our ISC experts shall resolve your concerns and help to with the most suitable option.

    Today's generation parents are obsessed with Maths and science groups. In contrast to their opinion children are choosing commerce and arts as option. How student's opinion should be welcomed by parents?

    Students are smart enough to choose their career after 10th. They are also put into dilemma whether MEC OR CEC is the right choice for CA or LAW course.

    Hope I get convincing response responses from the members.
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  • More importance should be given to the likes and dislikes of the children. Parents shouldn't force their decision on children. The children should be asked to choose the best course they like. If the student wants to study MPC, we should not force him to go for CEC. We can explain the positives and negatives of each subject and we should leave the final decision to the child.
    Coming to the point of opportunities, every field is having its own merits and demerits. If we perform well and we are in the top of the competing people we will stand fair chances of getting good opportunities in our way. What we get is always in proportion to our efforts. So understanding the subject well, working always in the right direction will give you positive results. This is true for all the fields always.
    This is a wrong notion that MPC is the best. There are plenty of chances for other groups also.
    Coming to the question of CEC or MEC, I say MEC will be a better option. Mathematics is very useful for people who wants to do CA or ICWA also. So having MEC is better. Mathematics gives more scope for the child to improve his logic and reasoning. Mathematics is useful in almost all entrance tests and competitive examinations. So a good knowledge in Mathematics will make the student to shine a lot. So I say MEC is a better option.

    always confident

  • A student of class 10 may not be very clear about his liking and interest as so many subjects will appear as fascinating to him if he is good in studies. If he is mediocre then he may not like any subject at all. This is the reality of the student life and parents must understand this crucial fact about their children. So it becomes imperative for the parents to find out whether he has more inclination to something or nothing in particular. If he is not sure of his interests then parents should fix a line for him after discussing with career experts in this matter.

    Before I describe the options and their relative merits here, I want to suggest one thing that if a student has not much liking for academics and he is likely to score average then there is no point in following a stream for ambitious educational career. The reason is that the market is full of highly educated people desperately searching for jobs and in such a situation an average student does not stand a chance. So the question is what should such students do. My humble suggestion is after class 10 itself or after class 12 in science stream go for technical diploma or certificate in any trade and there is lot of scope in that from work point of view and start working as self enjoyed or join any organisation which is providing service to its customer.

    For academically bright students pursuing a stream in science, commerce or humanities area can be useful as after their graduation they can appear in all India or state level examinations for administrative, banking, railways, PSUs etc which are very lucrative from career point of view.

    Those who have interest in engineering or medical can accordingly opt for the subjects in class 12. Computer and IT is still a subject of choice and there are good opportunities for growth in this areas.

    For commerce stream there are good avenues in the industries and business houses. One can go for the most coveted CA course opening opportunities for good jobs.

    For those who like challenges and adventure merchant navy and defense services are also some good career option.

    Teaching is also a good option and academically good students have a bright chance in this line. For becoming lecturer one has to complete post graduation and then NET before applying for the lecturer ship.

    Students having good academic record can go for research work in the top institutes of the country leading to PhD degree. This will open the doors for becoming an Assistant professor or Scientist in the leading organisations.

    Even the academically good student must understand that there is competition today everywhere and one has to toil hard to come in the merit to become successful in charting out a fruitful and satisfying career.

    Knowledge is power.

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