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  • Scope for mechanical engineering

    Confused about the scope of mechanical engineering as compared to Computers? Wondering which one has more scope and better packages? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the advice provided for your queries.

    I have completed 12 class. Now I am thinking of taking Mechanical engineering. My dream is to become a design engineer in companies like GE Electric but I am hearing lot of news that computer science has highest package and there will be better future .
    Can you please suggest what to do?
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  • Mechanical Engineering is always an ever green subject. A mechanical engineer can get a job as a software engineer but a computer engineer can't become a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers are having plenty of opportunities in all the fields. Manufacturing sector, service sector and even IT sector will offer jobs to mechanical Engineering graduates. So if you are interested in mechanical engineering don't hesitate to go for that. There are very good companies who will pay even more than IT industries to mechanical engineers. It is wrong to think that only IT field is offering good salaries. To attract good people other industries also are offering excellent pay on par with IT sector. All depends on how well you perform and how well you will get the skill set required for very good jobs.
    Design engineering is also having good opportunities. No problem for design engineers also. Concentrate more on the subject. Understand it well and work on application of the knowledge acquired practically in various aspects. Then you will have good opportunities to come in your way.

    always confident

  • For carving out a career in todays crowded streams, it requires deep thinking and pondering as similar career paths may diverge significantly in the long run. After completing class 12 there are innumerable possibilities in the field of engineering, commerce, law, management, humanities, science, medical and many such areas which have their own fascination. The first and foremost thing is identifying your interest and passion which you have already indicated as design engineering. Now when you read about other career lines you will see many information regarding other lines as well as the remunerations and that will not be easy to decipher at this stage because there will be many things hidden there especially the path of hard work and persistence which leads there. Assuming that a person can tow his interest line magnificently it is better to stick to that and even after doing the design engineering course you can add on the various computer packages in your qualification and then switch to a computer area connected to your core area of designing.

    Mechanical engineering is the oldest branch of engineering and has evolved in a big area encompassing the understanding of mechanical machines to the designing of new ones where not only the mechanical concepts but everything from electrical to computer technology is embedded. So learning design engineering is going to be a learning of so many connected fields of science. Some of the areas are progressing in leaps and bounds where the mechanical engineering comes at the forefront and some of them are aerospace engineering, automobile engineering, mechatronics and many more like that. Robotics and artificial intelligence are combining all the knowledge and engineering in one compact process. Today industry is progressing in a direction where many disciplines are being merged in designing a new machine and a design engineer by default will be learning all facades of engineering and scientific principles. Automation is coming everywhere. This gives one an opportunity not only to excel in ones work but also to switch jobs to the greener pastures.

    So, what I will suggest is stay in your interest area, work hard and try to be the top scorer wherever you study or work and then success will come to you in a big way. Doing design engineering does not force you to remain there throughout your life. It is not so. Today disciplines are tremendously overlapping with each other and you will be surprised to find that when your skill levels reach that stage. With time one can align oneself in the directions of better salary packages and better positions in the career ladder but today one has to focus to acquire the needed strength in the area before becoming able to negotiate the remunerations and perks with the employer. First come first and this is the time to concentrate and focus to excel in your interest area.

    Knowledge is power.

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