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  • Why it is advised to keep feet in salted hot water after trekking?

    Wondering why legs pain after long walks? Want to understand the reasons why this happens? Check out this Ask Expert page for advice from our experts and understand the reasons.

    Sometimes suddenly you walk a lot than your legs start paining very evening or next day. Many people say to put feet in salted hot water to relieve the pain and soreness. It does help too. But how does it help really?
    How biological changes make us relieve pain and is it applicable to other parts of body for soothing?
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  • It is good after a long walk if you keep your feet in warm water bath for sometime. The water should be warm. You can keep your feet in that warm water bath. It will make you to relax and feel more comfortable. The skin will absorb water and it will get hydrated which makes the skin smooth. Swelling will come down and pains will get reduced. Your muscles will get relieved from pains.
    Adding calcium salts or magnesium salts to this warm water will help in reducing swelling and help you by reducing the pains. The sulfates that are available in that salts will help you by flushing out unnecessary items which are harmful and that are available in your body. Important point is to use warm water only.

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  • While trekking the body exerts a lot and due to retention of the body fluid in the feet, they get swollen and start hurting. When trekking shoes are removed the feet look swollen and reddened with increased blood flow.

    When feet are put in the warm salt water it starts the fluid balancing act between the body and tub water and creates soothing in the feet and slowly the feet are relaxed from their stressed conditions.

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  • Generally after trekking there is a reduced supply of oxygen in the blood vessels and also due to the pressure of worn shoes or sandals on the feet, they get a feeling of pain and discomfort. Sometimes they simple pain with a moderate to low pain which goes with rest and relaxing. The regular trekkers get some conditions of ailments in their feet which are also responsible for this discomfort. These ailments are medically know as Plantar fasciitis, Bunions, Hammertoes, Flatfeet, Calluses, Achilles tendonitis and Morton's neuroma. These conditions require specific treatments and management.

    Warm salt water is generally used for the swollen and tired feet when dipping them in the warm salt water makes the stressed and elongated tissues and ligaments back to their positions in that warm condition which is conducive for bringing back the stretched tissues. The heat and Ph value of the salt water does the soothing of the affected parts.

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  • Soaking feet in warm water is actually an age-old remedy. It is also known as water therapy which comes under alternative therapy. It has a prolonged effect i.e., an individual does not get relieved of pain only during the period of immersion but also after that. It compresses the joints, loosens them. It increases blood circulation. It decreases edema and inflammation.

    Make sure that the water is warm and not hot. Instead of keeping a foot or other body parts immobile, do some simple stretching during immersion. Stretching done offers added benefits.

  • Since saltwater therapy has been used worldwide for centuries, including in many ancient countries. It acts wonderfully on the body. It is true that in the case of pain, it is advisable to keep the feet immersed in salted blunt water, this gives a lot of relief.

    Actually natural salt provides nutrients and minerals in many forms, this salt is replete with minerals like sulfur, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium. When we dip the feet in it, all the mineral elements remove fatigue through the water.

    We also know that the human body needs 1.5 teaspoons or 8 grams of salt per day, not only in the external form but also internally. If we do not consume this required amount of sodium, then there are many problems. Proper intake of salt helps maintain fluid balance and blood pressure.

    Along with this, the body uses calcium and other minerals from bones to keep the acidity in the blood alive. Saltwater is known to help improve the health of bones, as it is naturally rich in healthy minerals and has an alkaline effect. Therefore, mixing salt in hot water is very beneficial.

    This method of compressing with hot water is quite effective, but at the same time if any pain or discomfort is causing you more trouble, then for this you fill water in two pots, one with warm water and the other with cold water. Once immersed in cold water, then in warm water, and again in cold water, repeat this process continuously. By doing this, muscle contraction builds up and relieves pain quickly.

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