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  • Double M.A in the same subject

    Have a query about whether is it worth doing a double MA if less marks are scored in graduation? Searching for detailed information here? Scroll through this page and get to know the best action plan from our ISC experts.

    I had completed my M.A in English in 2016 with 51%. After that I have done B.Ed (I didn't had enough percentage in graduation).
    Now I again want to enrol in M.A in English to improve my percentage as I want to pursue Ph.D later on.
    Is this possible? University authorities are saying that I cannot do masters in the same subject twice.
    What should I do?
    Is there any other way?
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  • 1. You can pursue your Ph. D, even though you got less percentage in MA. You may not get any fellowship for you research period. If it is OK for you, you can go to a known professor and register under him as a research scholar.
    2. You can go for betterment. You can go for either first year subjects or second year subjects. You can opt for this. But you can't enrol yourself as a fresh candidate for the same subject.
    3. You can do MA English from a different university. There will not be any problem. I know some people who did their masters in the same subject from different universities. So you can think of this option if you still want to go for MA.
    Already you have completed your B.Ed. So you can join in any school as a teacher and while working there as a teacher you can go for your Ph.D.

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  • No, you cannot do it at the same university. But you can always do it from some other reputed university & score a good percentage. after that, you may enroll Ph.D. at your university near your professor.

  • This seems legal provided the University where from you intent to do has no such restriction. It would be better if you enquire from concerned university.

    The terms & conditions along with the rules & regulations vary in different institutes & with the Universities & therefore and in case the same Institute & the University doesn't allow you for twice on the same subject than you have another option to try this from some other Institute or the University or else & as you have specified that "……….Now I again want to enrol in M.A in English to improve my percentage as I want to pursue Ph.D later on", you can go ahead with some correspondence courses & at the same time continue with Ph.D. as you already have achieved with the minimum required percentage of 50%.

    On the fact check, doing masters in the same subject twice, wouldn't give you much advantage on a professional look out once you have competed with your PH.D with some good numbers and therefore I would suggest you to focus your PH.D & at the same time pl. continue with Master's degree through with some correspondence courses or through with some Institute & the University on a regular basis.

  • You can pursue your second degree from different university and not from the same university. However, you can go for a Ph.D. even with a low percentage of marks. There is no problem. But if you wish to go for a second masters degree, you can do so but from a different university.
    Hope it helps!

  • If you want to do MA again in the same subject then it will be for the purpose of improvement and this you have to mention in your enrolment for it. As your university is not allowing you to do it from there due to technical reasons, you will have to do it from another university. As you want to improve, you have to work hard and obtain the best of score this time so that you can get admission for PhD in a reputed institution.

    Alternatively you can directly go for PhD without repeating MA. That will also be a prudent choice as the reason for that is very obvious. You will save 2 years of your time and can try for a job meanwhile. Time is more valuable than a redundant degree so take a conscious decision before going for it.

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  • You can apply in. the IGNOU for the betterment in M.A in English and the same being a reputed university offering the courses in distance education mode thereby allowing you to persue your studies in your convenient time.
    It would be a right step if you want to have improvement in the subject.
    At the same time, you may approach your parent university for the doctorate degree. You will be provided a guide and with his supervision and instruction, you need to persue a thesis of the original nature. Go in for the numerous journals available in the library to extract materials. Your thesis will be reviewed by the panel of experts on this subject and finally you will be conferred Ph.D with their approval.
    Doing the the two activities simulteneously would save your time provided you stay focussed and determined.

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