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  • How to get an alert on the laptop of the low battery?

    Have a query regarding icons on the taskbar of a laptop? Searching for information about how to place the battery icon on the taskbar and thereby get alerts? Check out this page where our ISC experts shall advise you the detailed steps.

    At one time, a pop-up alert would come up when my laptop's battery was low, so then I would immediately switch on the charging point. Since the last ten days or so, this alert no longer comes. What's more, the icon of the battery is not appearing on the taskbar where I could at least see if the battery was draining. and I am constantly checking the icon through the ^ symbol. A couple of times when I was totally immersed in my work and forgot to keep an eye on the battery, the laptop screen would just go blank, which would alert me to the fact that the battery had died.

    I would like to know -
    1. How to place the battery icon on the taskbar?
    2. How to get an alert message of the battery getting too low? Should it not appear automatically?
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  • Which version of Windows are you using? It is important to know the version of Windows installed on your laptop because the steps to restore the battery icon vary. I can provide you with an answer if that information is made available. I don't want to put down instructions for all versions of Windows.

  • Answering the query put by Juana - My Dell laptop has Windows 10 Pro.

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  • To get the battery icon to show on your laptop –
    1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop
    2. A pop-up will appear
    3. Click on 'Display settings'
    4. The 'Settings' window will open
    5. Type 'select which icons appear on the taskbar', in the 'Find a setting' box
    6. Click on it
    7. A new window will open with a list of choices
    8. Check to see if the slider against 'Power' is ON
    In case you are unable to interact with the ON/OFF slider, it could be because of corrupt system files or the battery could be dying. It is most likely the latter of the two.

    Alternatively, you can download free apps that can be used for battery notifications on Windows. You can do a Google search, if you want to download them – search for Battery Alarm (this is available on Google Play) or BatteryBarPro.

    I suggest you also call up Dell Service Centre for assistance. They will walk you through the steps or send their executive to your address. If the device is still under guarantee, it will be serviced free of cost.

  • You didn't mention which version you're using on your laptop.

    So I assume it's Windows 10 for the instruction set explained below. Next after this I've also added the Windows 7 specific instruction.

    1. Click on the start menu.
    2. Go to control panel> system & security > Power options.
    3. Check for the power plan page > Go to advanced power settings.
    4. Here you can expand on how much battery level you want for the battery, low battery level and reserve and critical battery level.
    5. Set the percentage level for each battery level and then click ok.

    If you have Windows 7 OS on your laptop then follow the below instructions for the battery level notification.

    1. Click on start menu. Go to control panel.
    2. In hardware and sound section, go for the power options.
    3. Choose the power plan you have running for the laptop.
    4. Go to advanced power settings.
    5. Expand the plus sign settings. Here you have low battery level specific values.
    6. Change those values according to your requirement.
    7. Click ok once you are finished and then close the edit plan settings window.

    I hope these settings change would help optimize your battery level.

  • Many thanks to both Juana and Mahesh (although Mahesh did not note that I had mentioned the OS in my response and gave advice for two OS). The advice given was precise and correct. I was able to get the battery icon on the start/taskbar and I am also now getting the pop-up alert notification on the screen as soon as the battery goes low.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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