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  • What is QR code and how it works?

    Want to know more about QR code and how does it differ from bar code? Searching for detailed information about the difference between both? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall respond to your queries.

    Government intends to bring QR code based payment option in all the shops. Though I made lot digital payments using my cards, I never made QR-based digital payment. I have a vague idea that we have to scan the QR code image of the shop and pay the required amount. How QR code is different from bar code? What is QR code and how it works?
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  • QR means Quick Response. This code will be readable by a mobile phone

    It works based on scanning with smartphones. It is an improvised version of the barcode. This is having some add on features. Barcodes will be read by some specific machines by scanning them. A QR code can be scanned by smartphones. Bar code can't be scanned by smartphones. No separate machine is required for this.

    By scanning a QR code with our smartphone we can get connected to the desired platform.

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  • QR Code also known as the quick response code was developed as an alternative to the Barcode. QR codes can embed data in the structure such as URL, address, name, encrypted content, login details, payment address, checksum etc.

    QR code can be read by the mobile based scanners. In case of desktop and tablets you can also use the default apps in the system to scan the picture that you take in the desktop. And the same applications can then show the respective data embedded in the code.

    QR code are different from the bar code due to it's dimensional use like numberic, alphabets and other content. So with barcode you can limited amount of data can be read but in case of QR code you have lot more flexibility.

    Depending on your usage, you can generate the QR code and let the scanner do the remaining work. In case of payments, say you scan the QR code of the payee from the app and then let the app search it's name and then pay that person. So this is one use case being done by the UPI based apps.

  • QR code is a digital pattern containing all the information regarding the product, invoicing, payee details and other commercial information. It is a quick way to transfer the information from QR code to the mobile when the QR code is scanned with the mobile device. Many people are using this mode for payment nowadays and it is getting popular due to its quick and hassle free process of data transmission.

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  • A QR code is nothing but or most likely like a Barcode, It is basically a two-dimensional barcode that consists of particular information. It is a scannable image & instantly can be read by using the scanner like a mobile phone.
    The passwords can be stored in a barcode form & QR code form also.

    Every QR code consists of some of the black & red squares and dots which represent various information in it.

    Advantages of a QR code :
    1. It can store more than 150 times more information than the horizontal bar code.
    2. The barcode should be scanned in a horizontal way only but the QR code can scan 360 degrees.
    3. A QR code can be generated easily, Almost all the software on play store is free which can read QR codes & generate QR codes instantly.
    4. After demonetization in India, Most of the vendors generated a QR code on the computer via different applications & took print which they have stuck on board & accepted digital payments through this code.

    Let's see some business applications of a QR code

    1. Web Whatsapp can be accessed by scanning QR code from your mobile.
    2. In shopping or at restaurants at checkout counters these QR codes may be used as a discount code.
    3. link to a Google Maps location of your home location.
    4. The QR codes may be used at your counter so that people can send money using QR code.

  • Have you heard of "Paytm" or if you would have observed of a kind of square type drawing consisting of black & white portions on many of the shops, restaurants including that of small retailers. (Sample has been attached along with this for your ready reference).

    Technically this would be difficult to understand because even myself have used it not many times but for an understanding in a layman language than this small diagrammatical representation consist of a unique identity of anyone who got registered with it & for identification of it, you wouldn't be required any special device but your smart phone is good enough in order to do the transactions through scanning process with an easy way to transfer the required amounts to anyone directly from your bank account .

    For example, when you install with "Paytm" in your mobile than after agreeing to the terms & conditions, this automatically gets connected to yours bank account on the basis of the Mobile Number being registered with the respective bank of yours.

    About how fast it is to work with this than it takes only 8-10 seconds to do the transactions wherein after scanning the application atomically displays with the selected vendors & than you just need to enter with the required amounts & press "OK".

    This is very much useful for the small transactions for which we often need to have with the smaller denominations. Along with this this is applicable for almost anything being available on the online platform like that of travel, entertainment & food including recharges & bill payment & financial & banking services.

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