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  • Employment exchange card expired, required for document verification

    Are you facing any issue with government job document verification after selection? Wondering what to do if the employment exchange card has expired? Our ISc experts shall provide you guidance to resolve the issue on this page.

    I got selected for govt job in uttrakhand state.
    My question is regarding department level verification: they are asking for employment exchange card and mine is expired 2 months earlier. Now even if I apply they will allot me the card with different no.
    But my card expired after the date of filling the the govt job form. Should I submit old employment exchange or apply for new one?

    one thing for level 1 verification I submitted the old exchange card
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  • The employment registration once we registered is valid for 3 years from the date of registration. After 3 years of registration, a person can renew the employment registration number from being a cancelation. They can renew up to a period of 2 months after the expiry of the employment registration for General category person & for SC/ST candidates the period is given as one year. The PH candidates shall be intimated after the date of the expiry of the registration.

    As per the existing rules, the candidates should renew in offline mode only, as of now there is no online mode for the registration of your cards or renewal of the cards. The person may send a return postcard by putting stamps on it. It is better to visit in person for the renewal process and apply it.

    And in your case, you can always show the old employment card which got expired, apply new employment and attach a copy with it.

  • This is not a very serious thing as you can show them the old employment exchange card during the validity of which you have applied for this vacancy. Meanwhile you can also apply for a new card and keep a proof with you that you have applied for the same. The proof can be the xerox copy of the application form for new card or an acknowledgement from the exchange. You can show this in case they ask you about your new card. You can very well tell them that it takes time in getting the new card and that is why you have brought the old card with you. It seems that you have got a call for this as they have sorted you out from the employment exchange data hence they are particular to verify that you are a genuine person having a card.

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  • Your employment card is valid on the date of your application. So when you go for document verification you can show that old card. There will not be any problem.
    Now you can apply for renewal of the in person and take the acknowledgement. You can carry the acknowledgement card and show them as proof of your application. If they are not giving the acknowledgement, you can take a copy of your application and you can send your application by registered post and the receipt given by the post office can be shown as proof that you have applied.
    If necessary you can submit renewal card at the time of joining. You can tell the same thing to them if they ask.

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  • I don't find any difficulty as the same was valid for the duration the application was submitted. As a formality, you can go ahead with the details of old one while specifying for record that the application has already been submitted for renewal or for issuing the new card.

    Or instead visit in person & brief them of this. May be the chances that the same may get accepted with the existing scenario with no further application would be required either of renewal or of extension. I would suggest the direct consultation from the department for better understanding of the process.

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