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  • Guidance on Pearl Academy for fashion Business (Marketing and Merchandising)

    Planning to study PG in Fashion Business (Marketing and Merchandising)? Looking out for advice regarding its scope, career opportunities and is it worth it? Find guidance from experts on this Ask Expert page and decide what to do ahead.

    After getting quite a mixed reviews from friends and family about the mentioned college and course It will be really grateful if you could please provide your inputs to suggest and help me decide accordingly.

    Course : PG program in Fashion Business (Marketing & Merchandising)

    College : Pearl Academy, New Delhi

    Questions :

    1)Is there any impact in career opportunities while choosing PGDM instead of MBA ? How much promising is this degree
    2)Choosing Fashion Marketing as my Masters specialisation, does it limit my scope further to get marketing jobs in India
    3)Just wondering how much scope we have for this course in terms of Jobs in India or abroad
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  • Fashion industry is progressing day by day but for job point of view there is a tough competition at entry level as the graduates in Fashion Technology are much more in numbers than the corresponding vacancies and openings. This has created job hunting a difficult task for the graduates and post graduates in this area.

    Pearl Academy Mumbai/ Delhi is a well known educational institute in this line and has the PGDM program in Fashion and related areas. The most encouraging thing about this institution is that they have a good record of campus recruitments and their clients are most of the reputed and famous companies.

    There is practically no difference between PGDM and MBA in this line and what matters is only the good score in studies to come in the top students so that the process of campus recruitment is favourable to you. The marketing and merchandising is the main thrust of any fashion and fashion accessories manufacturers and it is in this context that the students in this stream can take advantage of the facilities and academic environment of this institute.

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  • These days all the fields are having a lot of competition. There are jobs in all fields. But the job seekers are more than available jobs. So the persons who scored the best marks and who farewell in the selection process will have the advantage. So all depends on how you score and how you fare. There is no substitute for hard work. So if you stand in the first few ranks you will have better chances to get a job in Fashion Technology also.
    National Institutes of Fashion Technology (NIFT) are ranked very high in this field. NIFT Institutes in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are treated as the best institutes for these courses. After these three institutes, Peral academy will come at 4th rank. Among the Peral Institutes, Delhi branch is supposed to be the best among all their branches. After Pearl Institute Delhi, other NIFTs will come in the list.
    Pearl institutes are treated as one of the best institutes in India and the number of organisations which will come here for campus placements is very high. The top rankers will be preferred for a posting.

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