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  • Something wrong happend with me

    Confused about the eligibility criteria for recruitment in case there is a 3 years gap in education? Searching for the correct criteria and how to get the dream job? Here, on this ask Expert page find advice from ISC experts.

    I applied in Genpact but at the time of interview HR told me that I can't apply for genpact as I have 3 years gap in my education and they don't hire such candidates who have gaps.
    But I asked many people and they told me that Genpact don't have such rules and regulations and they can hire candidates who have gaps in their education. So what can I do now? I am really hopeless.
    Genpact is my dream company.
    Please help me with some proper information.
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  • I know the situations you will face now, But you will definitely get a job if you have hope and keep trying.

    Now things you should do are :

    1. Prepare for e-litmus & AMCAT & crack it, it will help you two ways :
    a) preparation for interviews.
    b) If you crack the AMCAT, the institution will provide campus drives & most companies prefer the AMCAT & e-litmus score. They offer you job opportunities depending upon the marks you get in them.

    2. Try to find some connections in Genpact - your relations, friends, senior, etc. They will have the referral jobs in Genpact & If you are selected they will get a referral bonus.

    3. Prepare your CV with a cover Letter & explain in short about the GAP

    It is better if you prior give a short note about your career gap in your cover letter. keep it short & sweet, so that they would get a rough idea about your gap & why. Don't mention that you are suffering from serious illness & other medical reasons, those are not advisable.

    One more idea if you have a career gap but you have kept busy your self in any type of freelancing then you may tell the interviewer about the freelancing you were providing & prepare a brief explanation about the work you have done. The interviewer may get a good impression on you about how dedicated you are in your career.

    4. Approach some consultancy like ALP, Live connections they conduct some tests like type-writing & verify your certificates & provide you a good reference in reputed companies.

    5. In Wipro every Thursday around 9.30am they will conduct some job drives, you can just try there.

    Hop this helps you

  • Does the three-year gap mean? I assume that you didn't get a job after your education for three years.

    It seems that Genpact has a rule and they don't take such candidates. Don't get disheartened if you didn't get a job in this company. There are many good companies where you may get a job.

    I will suggest you give a clear cut justification about the gap like you may say that you were involved in the family business or in a business owned by a relative or a friend.

    Also, you may ask someone of your acquaintance who owned his business for support. Ask him to give you an experience certificate of his firm for your gap years so that you may show it for further interviews.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

  • Were you not doing anything during the 3 years time? That is the thing that the company will like to know. They will not mind even if you show that you were doing a small job but completely vacant situation shows that you have reservations for a good job and you do not possess the dignity of work. So, however small job you have done during that time mention it and feel proud of it. If you are honest and transparent, they will consider you. You have to modify your CV accordingly and again request them to consider based on the revised CV.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Initially getting a job is very important. Actually, I am not able to understand from the description you have given that the gap is due to not getting a job or you have not completed the course.

    Many multinational companies will not consider the graduates who passed earlier than 2 years for no experience jobs. So what you have to do is to apply for any other job in any other organisation and after putting up some experience you can apply for lateral entry posts in the organisation and that is the best way.

    immediately you have to apply for a job in any company and join and then for a better job.

    always confident

  • On being informed of directly from the HR itself than there are some serious issues with your resume and of the past experiences of yours & this need to get settled at the earliest or else you might be having the same feedbacks from the other reputed companies as well. This is for your note that having the three years gap wouldn't mean that you can't be offered with the jobs but yes you would likely to be settled with some lesser salaried jobs till the time that your resume come-up with more positive aspects of your carriers. More especially the gaps needs to get managed with some courses or preparations of some competitive exams. You must be having a solid excuse that may satisfy the anxiety of the companies you have been applying to. In addition, if the things are not going with the righteous approach than have the other ways too because in the rarest of the occasions we need to sought out the things wherein we may get caught and if lucky then everything seems ok in the end.

    Going ahead you must not get addicted with only one or few companies but try looking after with the other companies which are competitive too in every terms including good long terms prospectus. Try getting those too.

  • Genpact cannot be the last bus to board in. There is ample opportunity in other companies and you can try and get selected. Sometimes, It happens with people who wish to do one thing but it turns up against them. But there is nothing to worry. If you are not selected, you can not discourage yourself. Stay positive and optimistic; try to follow your dream, not a particular company.

    You may be feeling disheartened after your rejection due to the gap of three years but it must not be a major concern for you because it isn't the end of the game! Get up and pull up your socks for the challenge that the company has given you and prove that they are not worth for you who rejected you for the gab.

    Work hard, stay focused and make persistent efforts to get a job. Don't run after one particular company.

  • Genpact should not be your ultimate destination and you may look for other plateforms where you can get a suitable assignment. A few tips can can be helpful in resolving the present crisis. The tips are as follows-
    1) If possible undertake some courses or modules which can nurture your basics in your specialised area. Interact with the course co- ordinator and seek his help how best you can learn the different tools related to the subject.
    2) Try to have a job even though you may not get emoluments up to your satisfaction but the working is exciting and may be conducive to your future growth.
    3) To have practical experience in the accounting area will widen your career path since Genpact is the principal employer of absorbing people having the expertise in Accountancy.
    4) Be optimistic, confident and enhance your skill in writing and spoken English. In that way, your subsequent interviews with the employers would be impressive.
    5) You may get yourself registered with the plateform like or any suitable plateform who would sincerely track a relevant job in your own line.

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