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  • Having psychological fear

    Suffering from psychological failure? Wondering what is the best way to solve the problem? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice and remedies provided by experts for your queries.

    i survive psychological fear from a long time. Basically when I faced any situation some depression comes automatically. From a long time, everyday of my life I feel some disorder like- headache, instability in mind, pain in backside of neck, stomach problem, feeling tired and weakness.
    It comes when i think over. Sometime its create problem in talking with others. Actually everyday of my life is harmed. I cant survive more like this.
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  • You have to consult a good psychiatrist who can help you in coming out of this depression. When you have a depression you will have all these problems. Some people will look at everything very seriously and take everything very seriously. Any small problem they take it in a very big way and get demotivated. One of my friends was facing the same problem sometime back. He always used to complain about body pains, headache and other similar problems. Then he consulted a good psychiatrist and he was under his treatment for some time and he became normal. You can look for a good doctor in your area (Psychiatrist) and take his suggestion and go ahead, You will become normal.

    always confident

  • Psychological fear is a disorder which can affect the daily life of the sufferer and land him in a secluded depressive stage. It is a mind set which deteriorates with thinking about it more. It may appear as a destructive and negative thing in our life but it can be cured just like other mental conditions but the cure does not come from outside or hospitals but it comes from within. One may be surprised to hear this but it is a fact that many people on this Earth have already got rid of this evil with their sheer will power and self control.

    A healthy life style is the first thing to achieve a healthy mind. It encompasses from discipline in daily life to good food habits. Exercise is one of the necessary ingredients of good life style. The beginning of the day should start with exercises and those who are physically weak can have lighter regime of exercises like walking etc. Until unless we improve our physical stamina, nothing will move forward.

    No one is perfect in this world and to some extent everyone is suffering with one mental condition or other. It may not be clearly visible on the face of it but resides deep inside and manifests in different ways. Some people have fear to perform, some fear new situations, some are afraid of public speaking, some avoid contacts and socialising, some avoid family members and like that. So people have their own apprehensions about their lives and actions.

    The challenge is to take control of your personality. The fears will be there but one has to work ahead along with those fears so that eventually the fears are mitigated in that action. People who are in a comfort zone have to understood it more clearly and should either come out of them or go for a change of place where the family umbrella is not there. Comfort zone breaking is first and foremost thing for moving ahead in this world where at every stage there is a cut throat competition.

    The next thing is identification of ones strength. Everyone is not good in studies only. Also, everyone is not good in sports. So, these are not to be considered as compulsory things. There are many things to pursue which ultimately serve to become a means of livelihood. People have interest in music, drama, theatre and fine arts. These can be pursued after basic education. Business and commercial activities do not require the person to have advanced educational background. The most successful businessmen today are from a humble background having a minimal education.

    The last thing which is to be pursued relentlessly is removal of reluctance and lethargy from our life and bring activity in it. The activity need not be only preparing for a competitive examination and making a career. It could be any positive thing like gardening or housekeeping or part time work or helping the needy in our surroundings. An action is called good when it gives you satisfaction after execution. The happiness derived from good actions is beyond description.

    I firmly believe that active and disciplined life with self control and determination can cure the psychological disorders of any degree.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The best way to tackle depression is the self introspection and if for a minor thing you are in the grip of constant thinking or decision taken once is bothering you even at the present stage, it would be better to consult a Psychiatrist so that he can go in the root cause of the problem and treatment would follow accordingly.
    However, in Ayurveda there are different approaches for strengthening the mental - faculty and so you may start some Ayurvedic - medicines or herbs under the supervision of competent Vaidya for the complete redressal of your problems. You may try the following remedies-
    1) Brahm - Rasayan containing Brahmi as the chief ingredient if taken twice around a full tea - spoon in both the times morning and evening would restore your mental confidence apart from nourishing your mental tissues.
    2) A mixture of Jatamasi and Sarpgandha in the equivalent proportion taking half tea - spoon each twice daily after meals would alleviate your depression.
    3) Use of Clarified butter made from cow milk along with a slight amount of Black Pepper if taken once continiously for two months would yield positive result.
    4) You may use Sarswataristha twice daily after your major meals taking two spoons of medicines with equal amount of water and the same should be continued for two months.
    5) Avoid spicy and Junk foods in your meal. Include Walnuts, Almonds etc in your breakfast on regular basis since these nuts contain enough Phosphorous, Zn,Calcium and other vital elements nourishing your body including your mental - faculty.

  • Fear is an emotion that you reveal when you suffer from some strange things or unexpected things that happen to you. These may be in different forms like sweating, increased heartbeat, severe headache. These may be due to over thinking of a particular situation that happened previously with your friend/colleague or relatives. One thing you should remember nothing can be changed or nothing is inevitable, so it is a waste of over thinking on unnecessary things that make you suffer.

    Fear may occur due to repeatedly happening the same unexpected things in life. This can be overcome by doing meditation, being in the spiritual path. Daily you practice Hanuman Chalisa which can make you overcome from this situation. You can even do some yoga everyday morning & follow some bhajans or visit temples nearby and spend some time. This makes you mentally free from fear and you will be at peace.

    Further, you may visit a Psychiatrist and follow some sessions. Here also take some sessions and try to tell you how to deal with your thinking. He just monitors your behavior & gives way how you have to react to a situation, it means 100% it depends on you.

    I suggest instead of visiting Psychiatrist, you just think about one thing :

    1. Is anything is changing if you over think on a particular situation, If yes ( Then what should I do to set it right )
    If no ( Then why are you thinking on that shit).

    2. Visit temples, practice yoga & do meditation. Still, you feel difficult then you go out & do Sewa for the people whom you don't know & they are in problems like :

    a) buy some food for animals you see on roads, beggars.
    b) Visit Orphanage & spend some time with them & help them.
    c) Visit old age homes & help them.

  • If you could have briefed about what you have led to this because for a simple reason that nothing in this world happening is illogical although we are not finding ourselves ready enough to admit on those facts.

    We need to understand the reality with a rational purview that no one's life is perfect with someone keeping on with some negativity attached with their life wouldn't provide any solution for a good life but instead to admit on the facts with a note that we always need to move ahead is what the need of the hour is. For instance, even though with good education and good family background I am still struggling to get with something good and still not aware of about when this is going to happen. This is just a simple phenomenon which many of us are facing everyday but the worst things are there too but intend to leave this to your imagination.

    Going ahead, I can feel the intensity of confusion and turmoil which you might be going through and as a suggestion I can suggest few of the things that may provide you with some concession in your troubles.
    1. Do some changes in your daily routine & start doing meditation or Yoga during the morning time especially in the park surrounded with vegetation free of traffic & noise.
    2. Lower your expectations & start adjusting with what you have instead of keep thinking of something that you are not in a possession of.
    3. Let your life be settled with what you are facing and then start preparing for the next level even though seems slow in the initial phase but pl. go head.
    4. Life is ruthless and it's up to you of about how you tackle this. May be the case that the policy of by hook-or-by-crook is not acceptable to you but then it's completely yours decision.
    5. The most importantly, be positive & keep moving is what always works.

    Lastly, what you have been doing away with seems to be not working with the existing circumstances and therefore make a shift in your stance in taking decisions along with the ways in which this needs to get implemented.

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