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  • I want to become a physicist but don't see much opportunities.

    Aspiring to become a physicist but confused about its scope in India? Searching for detailed advice regarding whether one should drop a year and prepare again for IIT? Here, our ISC experts shall guide you to take a suitable decision.

    Since my childhood I was being fascinated by physics. I love it and want to pursue it by becoming a physicist but I don't see any opportunities in India for that. Also I don't know from where should I pursue it, either from DU or from IIT.
    In order for me to get into IIT I need to drop a year as I have just passed with good marks in class 12th.
    Not only this I was also thinking of DU as an opportunity for me but I don't see it as an institute which might allot me with good opportunities.
    So I want to know: what should I do?
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  • It is said and believed also that a person will do all out efforts and hard work in the area of his interest. This is an inherent character in the humans and we have to exploit it to become successful in charting a good career line for ourselves. It is nice that you have interest and liking for Physics which is definitely the subject of choice for students liking science.

    Due to a large number of Physics Post Graduates it is natural that there is selective job potential in this line but for meritorious and hard working students there are good job opportunities in the industry as well as Govt organisations where one can pursue ones career while also remaining in touch with this subject. The specialised branches of Physics like Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics and Quantum Physics are much prospective for job point of view.

    All the IITs, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Delhi University and Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Trivandrum are the most reputed for doing various graduation and post graduation courses in Physics and its branches. For good students there are opportunities to do PhD also after which one can get associated with big projects in India as well as abroad.

    That is when you are purely pursuing Physics as a career for your self in research and other advanced projects but there are many other things which naturally come to you being Graduate or/and Post Graduate in this stream. Let us see what are those avenues from job point of view. One can appear in competition leading to appointments in banking, railways or Govt postings. Many science students perform magnificently in the state and central Govt top administrative services. There are good opportunities in PSUs where you can be sometimes lucky enough to get a technical job of your choice where Physics will be used day and night in your routine assignments. Of course such posts are a few in a few PSUs but there is a possibility of this. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Indian Space Research Organisation - these are the two top organisations of our country which recruit people with Physics background.

    Please note that the job situation everywhere in every stream is very tough and competitive as there is a large supply of qualified people everywhere. So only the meritorious and toppers have a choice of picking up jobs of their choice. I want to add further that the time is now favourable to them who are innovative in their approach and have a potential to start their own work in the crowded business arena.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You are fond of physics for your childhood and you want to pursue the same subject. Any subject and any qualification will be good if you are at the top of the list. If you are at the top the opportunities will definitely come to you. It is a point you should not forget is one should do the subject which he likes more. He will have more interest in that subject and he can study well by concentrating on the same subject. But if you join a course without interest you can't do justice to the subject you are studying. You will not understand well. So I say you should study the same subject. Work and hard and get a good hold on the subject.
    Once you finish your PG in Physics, you can apply for NET examinations and once you qualify in the examination you can go for PhD under the supervision of a good professor in the university where you have studied. You will get a good amount as a scholarship and you can do the research in the area of your interest. Once you finish your PhD, you will have a number of opportunities. There are some CSIR laboratories where they take physicists, You can go for a career in teaching either in any university or college. Similarly, there are some big MNCs which are having good R&D centres and they take Physicists also to work in their labs. You can try for any of these jobs.
    Always opportunities will be there for a top qualifier and a hard working man. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Why you think there are fewer opportunities for physics persons.

    These persons can study & get research options in the Bhabha Atomic research center, These centers recruit Scientists and Engineers. MSc physics provides a good platform and research opportunities like specialization in Elementary Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics.

    You can find more opportunities in central government & state government jobs and research options in most of the private sectors of Chemical industries, Medical fields, optical physics, Atomic physics, Nanotechnology, nuclear physics.

    If you are confident enough, IIT is the best option & even though DU is providing very good teaching. Don't expect they will show you opportunities. If you have stuff in you then finding an opportunity is not a difficult task. believe in yourself.
    If you are interested in professor jobs or teaching side you can write NET & you may move to the processor line.

    Huge opportunities are there for physics background people don't worry about that.

    All the best.

  • To make a career in the subject for which you have inclination with your inner core of heart should not be overlooked and you need to collect information of the different colleges or institutions offering you a quality education in the area of Physics.
    The choice of IIT for five year integrated course in Physics would definitely prove to a boon provided you qualify IIT main and Advanced so as to get a chance in any one of the IIT institution.
    This institution would provide you to understand the different principle of Physics with an amicable way under the guidance of expert professors.
    Physics contains a lot of sub branches and specialisations in such branches would make you proficient in the area of Physics.
    Some areas of Physics which may fascinate you are Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Electricity and Magnetism, Hydrostatics, Statics and Dynamics etc. Needless to say you should have sound grip of Mathematics to understand the nature of law including differential and integral calculus, Differential - equation, Vector, Fundamental Algebra, Trigonometry and so on.
    Delhi University too would be the nice plateform for the persuasion of Physics.
    Don't be confused with the limited chances in Physics.
    With your better performance in M.Sc in Physics followed by the Ph.D degree will offer you openings in the Reasearch - laboratories, teaching profession in colleges, jobs in Atomic Energy Commission, Mumbai and other MNC Organisations.

  • Follow your passion for studying Physics and never look back just because there are limited opportunities. You can take the first step of getting enrolled in some prestigious university and study Physics. Baba atomic research centre can be the option for you.

    If you are passionate enough to study physics, you can also get opportunities later. However, if you are stuck with the opportunity you are actually hampering your step to follow your passion. Get admission in any university in the country and follow your dream and don't bother about the opportunity. they will come running to you if you are determined enough to do what you want to do. Just work hard and be persistent in your endeavour.

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