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  • Applying for primary teacher in education department

    Want to apply for a primary teacher's position in the education department? Looking out for information here? On this ask Expert page you can check out the responses from experts for your query.

    I have completed 2 years course of D. El. ED and have passed the course and have the final marksheet. But I didnt get the certificate yet. I cleared TET exam also.
    Will I be eligible for Primary Teacher with this mark sheet?
    Will the education department accept only the marksheet since I do not have the certificate yet?
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  • Your marks- sheet of D.Ed diploma is sufficient enough to show that you have passed out the qualifying examination. In the meanwhile, you have cleared the TET test essential for the selection of a primary teacher.
    The verifying authority would appreciate your problem and you would not face any problem in course of documentation - verification. In the meanwhile, you may approach the concerned officials for the speedy disposal of the certificate.

  • In the meantime, you have cleared the exam and the final mark sheet is in custody of yours with only the exception that you are still awaiting for the final certificate. In the first hand, it's not a panicking situation and therefore you need not to be worried of this when it concern to the eligibility or the minimum requirement for applying for the post of a primary teacher. Going forward, you also can explain this to the concerned department & the institution that will provide you assistance in settling with this because sometimes the process gets delayed but then you have every proof and evidences to put forth in order to justify your stand and the position.

    In case of some doubt or suspicion, you also are having the advantage of taking references from the concern authority of the respective department or the institution.

  • No Problem. You have already had your marks sheet with you. In the mark sheet itself, they will indicate that you passed the examination. However, you can apply for a provisional certificate so that it will act as proof of your passing the examination. You can produce your mark sheet for the department as proof.
    As already you cleared your TET exam, you will be eligible for primary school teacher post. Wait for the job announcement and apply for the post when the advertisement comes.

    always confident

  • There will not be any problem, you have the clear mark sheet stating you have cleared all subjects mentioning the percentages. If you have not received certificate it is not your problem. It is university delay & that cannot be objected by anyone, they will understand your situation. Moreover, you have cleared even Teachers Eligibility Test which is most essential for the Teacher eligibility.

    You not at all worry about the certificate, please check out the date for applying the provisional certificate & you may include the acknowledgment received after applying for the provisional certificate on the internet.

    All the best

  • You must have your mark sheet of teachers training course as B. Ed. or BSTC others then you can apply for TET examination as CTET and others also(when the registrations are open) after cracking this examination you will have to apply for next test(when there is a recruitment in this sector)

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