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  • What is the penalty for late registration of two wheeler vehicle?

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    Today my vehicle registration is expired. Do I need to pay any penalty if I go for registration renewal tomorrow? I have all required documents (PUC, Insurance, previous registration paper, form25). I'm from UP, Gonda. Last time when I go for registration renewal, they said I have to come within last 2 or 3 days registration expired.
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  • You can get it renewed by paying the late fee as per the notification issued by the State road transport officer. The fine details are as below. The amounts shown here are only penalty amounts. The original fee will remain the same.
    Rs.500/- per month for private cars and Rs.300/- per month for private two wheelers,
    In your case it is a two-wheeler and time delay is less than a month. So you have to go to your RTO office, pay the fees and Rs.500/- penalty and get it renewed.

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