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  • How to choose my career path in different core?

    Want to know what to do after Civil engineering? Looking out for information regarding how to join the banking sector and which course and at which institute to join? Check out this page for all the advice provided b y experts and decide howe to change career from civil to banking.

    I have completed civil engineering in 2016. But I don't like civil side. Already I have wasted 3years and I am looking to get job in private banking sector. Is there any short time course and institute available? Already my age is about to 25 . I'm waiting to start my career path from here.
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  • It is true that one has to work in the area of interest and then only one can progress significantly in life. In your case even after completing a civil engineering course you do not like the civil engineering area and want to change it to banking sector. Please note that whenever you change your line you are taking a calculated risk of getting surprises in the sense that to come up to the average level in that new field you will have to toil a bit extra otherwise it will be difficult to compete with them who are already present there in their core areas.

    Anyway with more hard work and focussed approach you can achieve that and banking is not at all a difficult line to cope up with. You will require a good coaching centre to sharpen your skills in the financial and commercial areas which are pre requisite before applying for banking services or applying in private banks.

    We have a large network of coaching centres for banking in our country and depending upon your location you can choose one among them. I am mentioning some of the reputed ones among them and you can find more like them in the internet.

    1. Brilliant Tutorials, Bangalore, Ph: 080-4144 2127 / 2128.
    2. Career Plus, Delhi, Ph: 011-27652829, 27654588.
    3. Brilliant Tutorials, Chennai, Phone: 044-2434 2099.
    4. Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, Ph: 079-32911815.
    5. Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata, Ph: 033-40059755.
    6. Future Propel, Mumbai, Ph: 9920676826.
    7. Pathfinder Education Services Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal, Ph: 0755-4203497.
    8. Career Plus, Luck Now, Ph: 9453839505, 9415024655.

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