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  • What career should I choose for a better future

    Looking out for good career options apart from coaching and banking? Wondering how to move from insurance into a better career? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice and guidance for your queries and decide further plan of action.

    I have completed my graduation in BE in 2017. But in that time IT field was down and there were less recruitment. I have my aggregate below 60% from PUC .So I decided to try for government job. I took coaching and after 1 year I tried many exams but not cleared any. So I thought of doing private job in banks. I applied for Suco bank and was appointed as insurance officer in my home town only. But now I am not satisfied with this job because it has no career. I am getting tensed about my future and not getting what to do next.
    Which is better for me? Can you please guide me to come out from this problem ?
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  • A bird in the hand worth two in the bush. You have a job in a bank in your home town. So, first of all, concentrate on the assignments and try to show your potential in the assignment presently you have in the hand. Acquire knowledge in the area you are working in. It will give you some experience. Searching for a job while you are in a job is always better than trying for a job without a job.
    Meanwhile, try to improve your skills and obtain a diploma or certificate by doing a course on a part time basis or distance education mode. This will make you acquire some skills which will be useful for getting a job.
    Search for jobs and apply for suitable posts, prepare well for the interviews. This will give you a chance to get a good job.

    always confident

  • While doing a Banking - job, you might have gained relevant experience in this line. Now to exploit the benifits in the similar line, you need to do a little exercise by initiating your studies for the Probationary Officers jobs by securing NOC from the management and sincere involvement in the related studies. Better enroll in some reputed coaching institute so as to be familiar with shortest methods to crack Mathematics, Reasoning and English - paper. The answers should be correct and you need to a fair speed t crack almost all questions.
    These institutes would provide you the useful tips to sail through the test. You need to practice consistently to improve your verbal and spoken language so that you could impress the Board of Interview.
    Your success in this line will enhance your prospects in the Banking - job.
    Alternatively, you take the present job as one of your challenges in your career. Try to understand the nature of job, carry out the assignments accordingly. Your Boss could allocate other tasks provided you show your interest. Take some modules in Insurance or pass the departmental examinations. These points taken together will pave the way for success. Wth the experience of couple of years, you may switch over the job in some other Insurance - sectors.

  • You are a qualified person and are employed in a private bank as insurance officer. Is this job of your liking or you are somehow pulling on it just because it is a means of livelihood and is logistically at a comfortable place? One has to find out ones interest and liking and then only the real attachment with the job will be there and the boredom and monotony will be out of the routine.

    Before I suggest some of the alternative paths at this stage please remember we are entering an era of self employment where one has to use his skills for earning money rather than working for someone. Yes, it needs enterprising skills but today the young generation has to think in that direction either by working alone or in a group of motivated entrepreneurs.

    If you have interest in computer/ IT area there are many certificate and diploma courses which you can think of taking up and then try for a career line in them. For example web designing, networking, system management, animation and computer graphics including 3D printings are some of the areas which are still prospecting. One can learn them and try for a job as well start on ones own.

    With your qualification and experience in the insurance business you can think of applying in financial and commercial companies where insurance assistants are employed. Even transport and vehicle industry requires insurance people.

    If you have interest in financial, database and commercial softwares like Oracle, Tally, SAP, GST related then there are opportunities in those areas. These invoicing, tax planning and business modules are very much useful and those who are skilled in these areas have good job potential.

    What about teaching? Have you interest in this area? If yes, there are opportunities. Though the formal way is to do B.Ed. or other teaching courses but another option is there are many tutorial and coaching schools who look for qualified people and that is one arena one can consider.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The most importantly, what's your interest is all about?

    From 2017 to 2019 isn't a long gap and therefore why don't you go back and start preparing for the IT fields which could be the best option that may have available for you at this moment with the numbers of entry level jobs available of the back-end profile wherein no big experiences are required and still giving you the opportunities to learn and at the same time do some little earnings as well.

    My advice for you would be to focus on one particular area and try to explore this to your best possible or else if you keep on diverting with the carrier options with keep on changing the organizations than I am afraid that this wouldn't work for you and the same may create a big obstacle in your future explorations of other opportunities. Perhaps by this time you must have some understanding of the market scenario wherein even for smaller jobs numbers of applications are received on recruiter's end and with your existing details in your resume, will create a negative impression onto the recruiters mind.

    You haven't lost much with the time and therefore experience this and learn and at the same time improve and for this you can go ahead for the suggestions from your reliable ones like the parents or anyone in your circle that are doing good.

    In addition, do one SWOT analysis which being a useful technique for understanding your strengths, weaknesses opportunities, threats, would greatly assist in the final decision of yours. This in simple terms are consisting of the listings of your personality traits on about how good you are in the different areas along with the external factors like that of the changing market trends than you can decide of yours final stand.

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