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  • Persuing future in Programming

    Are you planning to pursue a career in Programming? Do you have a passion for Coding? Are you in doubt about the career opportunities and the pay and perks available in this category? Please look for answers from our experts to such queries here.

    I am a mechanical engineering student from DTU. I am among the top performers and I love what I am doing. I also know Autocad, Solidworks and have been into robotics. But my main passion is in coding.

    I have done a certified course in java and c++ and also machine learning and app development. I have also attended a hacking and professional data science course.

    Will all this help me in campus placements from IT and product based companies? What can be my packages as a mechanical engineer and as a software/coding guy?
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  • Computer programming is a big area and it is applicable in many industries in different ways. Computer programmes are everywhere. A computer programmer is responsible for making codes for elaborate programs in Banking, Manufacturing Industries, Service Providing, Invoicing and Tax issues, Designing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence any many other applications. Online companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Snapdeal, Uber, Ola and many others are doing their all the business based on robust computer programs. These platforms are based on multi optional and multifarious computer codes designed by a team of computer programmers. Once in place they require continuous development and modifications depending upon the changing customer needs and changing Govt regulations. So computer programmers are required for a long run by all the industries whose business is based on the sturdy backbone of software programs.

    So, computer programmers with knowledge of coding and troubleshooting the large software platforms are the requirement of the present industry in different capacities depending on the type of industry and business. You are basically a Mechanical engineer with knowledge of computer area especially programming and coding so there are ample opportunities for you to be absorbed in the industry. If you are meritorious there is no reason why you will not be selected in the campus interview.

    You might be aware that the main job of the software engineer is to write effective programs, test them, if required debug or troubleshoot and then mount them in the platform while collaborating with other programmers for a successful implementation in the desired network of softwares. The programmers have to closely work with other employees in the organisation who pass on vital information from users and clients in case there are some flaws in the software system so that the programmer can take quick remedial actions to identify the malfunctioning codes and rewrite them bringing in the desired sturdily in the system. The success of a programmer lies in writing a robust piece of code wherever needed.

    The salary packages for the software engineers vary depending upon the company as well as the proficiency level of the person but on an average the annual salary packages range from 3 to 5 lakhs for the beginners and with experience increasing these can go up significantly. Then there are companies which can pay very high for certain type of high end software engineering projects and software designing where the deep knowledge of the candidate is the only thing to matter and enter those coveted jobs.

    Knowledge is power.

  • All engineers will be considered for jobs in the IT industry. No one insists that you should have a degree in Computer science. You have acquired some specific skills like C ++ and Java. You can Autocad also. There will be a very good demand for Autocad Engineers in designing in many organisations. That field is good for a mechanical engineer and you will be preferred in mechanical industries also. Here your It skills, as well as your Autocad skills, will be useful.
    These days the salaries for Mechanical Engineers are also good and almost on par with IT professionals. There are companies who are giving better salaries than the IT industry. These companies will also come for campus recruitment So I advise you to join as a Design Engineer in an MNC so that you will have a good future.

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  • For IT jobs:
    The mechanical domain knowledge along with the coding skills will enable you to get into IT campus placements, no doubt. Even IT product based companies placements are open for you.
    Typical packages in IT companies for Software Engineers start from 3.5L onwards and depends on the companies. You mechanical engineering knowledge may not be immediately put to use.
    There are many companies which come for campus placements and typical packages range from 3.5L to anywhere upto 35L and above. The higher packages are basically from international placements.

    For mechanical job:
    Manufacturing companies and product based companies also prefer computer programming background can offer jobs. Their packages range from 3.5 L onwards but not as high as IT. Computers have seeped into to mechanical domain and companies will definitely prefer freshers having both mechanical and programming skills.
    Softwares in the design domain like Solidity, Katia, AutoCAD etc.. do not require programming knowledge.

    The concept of using digital Twin has picked up well in the manufacturing domain which is based on Programming and Software. More about Digital Twin is available in this online course:
    Hope this answers your question.

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