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  • Can get Adsense approval by posting Tiktok videos in youtube

    Facing a query about Adsense approval of pertaining to uploading tiktok videos on youtube ? Searching for the detailed Adsense approval process here? On this page our ISC experts shall provide responses for your query so that you can post tiktok videos on youtube.

    I have a youtube channel in which I post Tiktok videos of celebrities. And last month I have applied for monetization. But the review was in the process still.
    I want to know whether google adsense will get approved for like these channels in which tiktok videos of others are posted. I have searched in the google and found the answer that adsense will not get approved for these channels.
    But I have seen some channels in youtube which posts Tiktok videos of celebrities and got Adsense approved (means I have seen ads in those videos).
    Does my channel get approval?
    Do anyone post tiktok videos in youtube?
    Please share your views.
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  • It is very difficult to get approval for a channel having a lot of Tiktok videos. Because Tiktok app seems not good and banned in several countries. Recently it got banned in India. You compare other channels, but you don't know the history of those channels. They might have got approval without Tiktok videos and may upload now Tiktok videos to get views. Because Tiktok videos gets attention of public very easily. So comparing others channel and making similar type of videos is not good for your channel. Try to focus other unique contents and getting approval will then be very easy.


  • If you made those videos your own as in you are in those videos or your friend or pet is in those videos then yes you can upload those videos. You should edit them for better horizontal resolution and post them.

    However if you have not created the videos yourself, then eventually the YouTube team will purge those accounts and adsense too will deny the channel approval if you have not got it yet.

    I have seen a lot of channels getting purged for posting the videos from whatsapp and tiktok. Unless those videos are made by you. Adsense team and youtube team will eventually will catch up and ban those accounts. And you may lose both the accounts.

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