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  • How much time it takes to get Adsense approval for Youtube channel

    Interested in monetisation through youtube channel and Adsense? Searching for the Adsense approval process and feedback regarding the same? Our ISC experts shall share their expertise and experience regarding approval process and how many days does it take to get approval.

    I have applied for the youtube monetization last month after completion of 4000 watch hours and reaching 1000 subscribers. It was showing that the account was under review still.
    Does anyone know how many days it takes to approve the Google Adsense for youtube channel?
    Has anyone applied for Adsense for a youtube channel and got approved? If yes after how many days it got approved?
    Please share.
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  • Google is selective in giving the approval for its Adsense program. Many leading sites like YouTube, Wordpress, Hubpages etc are linked with it for revenue sharing. Other sites like ISC and many more are also linked to it for the same mode of earning. The bloggers or contributors or channel owners all of them apply for Google Adsense after reaching the minimum activity required. But the interesting thing is that they do not get approval in the same time period. Some of them get approval in time while others get after a very long delay and some of them do not get it. The exact reasons for this can be told only by the people who are handling the Google Adsense Approval policies but to my understanding if a person has by mistake or intentionally have violated Google policy of clicking in advertisement in own space or some other similar mistake then they keep the application under review and only when for a long period they do not see the repetition of offences that they approve the account or sometimes they do not give approval at all. This is a very crucial thing in Google Adsense that they check all aspects of the applicants behaviour in the internet before allotting a Google Adsense account.

    I think you have to wait patiently and time to time remind them by signing in the Google Adsense site. I am facing the same problem and whenever I sign in I get the message that my application is under review.

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  • For YouTube monetization approval, the time frame can't be known exactly. However, recently many YouTubers got reviewed their channel even within 07 days. It it selective and as per the policy and decision of the Google team only. Some channels got approved fast and some channels did not. So the only solution is, you have to wait or contact the YouTube team using contact us option in YouTube, specifying your channel and what is the problem.


  • YouTube's initial monetization criteria is as follows.

    1. 1000 subscribers to the channel.
    2. 4000 hours of content being consumed.

    Once you meet this criteria your channel will be eligible for the monetization. And from here onwards you may want to apply for adsense. The adsense team works differently than the youtube. So you may have to wait approximately 2-4 weeks for channel approval. Make sure to have good graphics for video thumbnails and good channel banner in the mean time so that they can approve the account faster.

    Do note that if you have stolen content on channel and have got the copyright strike, they wont even bother approving your channel for the adsense. As youtube team forwards the strike data to the adsense team.

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