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  • Caste certificate problem as my caste certificate is of Telangana and I live in Maharashtra

    Wondering what to do if the state of residence and the state of issue of caste certificate is not the same? Looking out for information whether there is a need to issuer the certificate again in the state of residence? On this ask Expert page check out the responses from experts.

    My father belongs to Hyderabad and my mother belongs to Maharashtra. I was born and live in in Mahrashtra. I have made my caste certificate as per my father's side from hyderabad but that certificate is not applicable in Mahrashtra.
    Now do I need to make caste certificate again in Maharashtra of Maharashtra government as my parents caste is same that is SC?
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  • As per the existing laws on admissibilities of SC certification across the states in India it is very clear that just by being a SC in one state does not entitle you to be a SC in the other state. So you have to apply for a new SC certification in the state where you are now residing and if as per their nomenclature you fall under SC category, you will get a new SC certificate from the state where you are presently residing. The SC status of your parents is only for the reference purposes for applying for a new SC certificate and does not entitle you for that automatically. As you were born and residing in the current state, your application will be considered for the purpose of finding out whether you belong to SC as per the guidelines and categorisation of the current state.

    You will have to apply for caste certificate to the concerned office of the Maharashtra Govt. It will take time as in many cases they take a confirmation from your original state regarding that before issuing a new Sc certificate or rejecting your application.

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  • The SC/ST classification is not the same all over the country. The same caste may be classified differently in different states. The certificate given by one state may not be considered in another state. So you have to apply for a caste certificate in Maharastra.
    You have to apply to the collector through the MRO and MDO of your place of residence. You can contact the concerned MDO and apply for your certificate in writing. You have to attach your father's caste certificate and your caste certificate given by Telangana State to your application.
    They will do the needful and get you the certificate. As per your Post, you may get the same SC reservation in this State also. But you have to take a new certificate from this state. The certificate given by Telangana will not be considered here.

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