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    How to get sponsors for Youtube channel

    Want to find sponsors for your youtube channel? Looking out for various sites to increase sponsorship of your channel? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice provided for your queries.

    Many YouTubers get sponsorships for their youtube channel through sponsors. I already knew of Fame bit which is used to get sponsors for youtube channel. I want to know some other better sites which are used to find sponsors for Indian youtube channels. Does anyone have a youtube channel and sponsorship? If yes please share how you found sponsors for your channel.
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  • One of my friend has around 200K followers in the tech niche as he's into product reviews. And he was approached by the company for the unbiased review. If the review is favorable then company allows you to post. Otherwise they just want you to make introductory video. So basically you have to choices here.

    1. Approach the companies which are in your niche and try to get them to review the product through your channel.
    2. Let the company approach you. Till that point you have to keep reviewing unbiased and have to develop the reputation.

    In case of 1 you have to learn from other reviewers on how much the pricing for such video would be. And you may have to experiment with the cold calling and sending emails after another to see if they follow up.

    In case of 2 you have to wait patiently and build the followers and genuine game. This takes a lot of patience and at the end you can charge higher. You'd get paid based on depth of review and the quality of video editing.

    There are no specific sites for the indian market. So you may have to attend expo's and seminars etc to reach out to new connections.

  • I would suggest you to create an account in YouTube channel. Create some relevant videos from public place, capture their views and post it on your channel. Do some some social experiments and make videos of that and post it. By doing these things you will start getting likes and views. This is very important to collect more likes on your videos. Once you achieve some good count like 100k or 200k or more then you may contact some company to advertise their product through your channels.
    Basically, when your channel start getting more likes and views then you will start getting sponsorship from various company and even you will be earning the revenues from Google AdSence .

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