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  • Is it necessary to learn C/C++ before Java for Android development?

    Confused about whether or not it is required to learn C/C++ before Java for Android development? Dispel your confusion with guidance from our experts.

    I am a student from a Bio background and I want to learn Android development. So I discussed it with some people. They said it is very necessary to learn C and C++ before Java, specifically for Android, so am confused. Are they correct?
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  • You have to learn coding and if you want to develop Android apps you have to work with Android Studio. While Android Studio supports Java, it also supports C++. If you have a fair idea of HTML, PHP, and CSS to build webpages it will be an added bonus which you can use with PhoneGap to develop mobile apps. Whether it's Java, C or PHP all are programming languages and you have to learn any of them since Android apps are developed based on those platforms.


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  • In the computer software area it is better to go ahead step by step. It will be a good approach to learn C language before embarking upon developments in any platform. C language is the most used and most popular option for coding of the software programs. It has a good library function also. Once a person is well acquainted with C it becomes easier to handle any language in any platform whether it is Java-based or Android. I will advise you to complete C before going to apps and their development stages. It will be a long time strategy as at some stage you will need C for miscellaneous purposes and if you do not know coding in it then it might be a disadvantageous situation.

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  • Android development can be done through different languages and you are not limited to the Java language.

    1. You can use Javascript with React Native framework to build the Android and iOS application.
    2. You can use C/C++ with Native NDK from Android to build the apps.
    3. C# with Xamarin can be used for the android app.
    4. QT with Python can be used to develop the android app.

    Do you need to learn C/C++ for android development?

    I don't think so. Java is prime language being used for app development. Kotlin is taking second preference for the app development. You can also use the C++ with NDK for the app development. C++ developers however require different setup of the app development and the deployment.

    So in practice, you don't need to learn C and C++ for android app development. You can learn java and kotlin to get the app development going.

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