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  • All about Scooter Insurance for new & re-registration of vehicle.

    Are you having a query about registration of a two wheeler? Want to get details of the paperwork, time required, and persons required in case of a resale? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the advice provided for your queries.

    I need to change the registration of a scooter - Hero Maestro 2015 model purchased second hand but when I gave for changing the name to mine, I came to know that the insurance is there but the vehicle no. is wrong.
    It was done on the temporary registration no. instead of the correct vehicle no.. Now this is holding me from getting the paperwork done on my name.
    What all paperwork needs to be carried for the same:
    To change the old vehicle no. to correct vehicle no.?
    The time taken for the paperwork?
    Do the old owner need to be present?
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  • You contact the person from whom you have purchased the vehicle.
    Then tell him that the registration number given in the insurance document is temporary registration and it is to be changed to the actual registration number.
    He has to give a letter to the insurance company by giving the engine number and temporary registration number and permanet registration requesting for a change of number. They will update the registration number and give you a fresh document with a permanent registration number.
    You can submit the same for change of the owner's name as per the normal procedure and there will not be any problem.

    always confident

  • As far as temporary vehicle registration number is concerned, it is valid only until the permanent number is issued. The validity of the temporary number is around one month. Within this period the owner of the vehicle needs to fill up form 20 at the Regional transport office under whose jurisdiction the address of the owner falls. A vehicle with temporary registration should not leave the state.

    If an owner does not get the permanent number registered within one month, then it would attract a fine.

    So, please contact the owner from whom you have purchased the vehicle. Then, approach the RTO office for the application of the permanent registration number. There would be a fine, that can be paid by the previous owner. Then once the RTO records are in order and the permanent number is entered, the previous owner has to contact the Insurance provider to updated vehicle details. When there is such a major change, the insurance provider might insist on examining the vehicle by their own authorities.

    After getting the correct updated valid insurance policy document, then you can proceed to change the name. You need to have the transfer of ownership form 29 with the relevant documents. The time taken for vehicle ownership transfer is around 3-4 weeks. I would suggest you get in touch with the seller soon and get these certifications sorted out. If still not clear, please approach the RTO authorities they would certainly guide you both.

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