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  • Does Integrated MSc in computational statistics and data analytics have scope in India?

    Planning to opt for MSc in computational statistics and data analytics? Confused about its validity and scope in India and abroad and whether is it worth doing? Here on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with ample advice to make a good choice.

    I have completed my 12th grade this year (2019) in ICSE board with Physics, Chemistry, Biology,, Math and Computer science. I applied for a course in VIT Vellore, which said it's an integrated 5 years MSc in computational statistics and data analytics.
    Some other colleges like Amrita Viswa Vidyapeeth and Saveetha also have the same course. Since it's integrated, I'm not sure if anyone will hire me or if I have to do PhD.
    I want to know about the scope of this course in India mainly and then secondly, abroad. I also want to know if it's a recognised course and if it's worth choosing it.
    Please do guide me.
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  • 5-year integrated courses are the same as that of any M.Sc degree. Vellore Institute of Technology is one of the best institutes for engineering courses. Many MNCs from core sector as well as from IT industries will carry out campus recruitment. The course is recognised and there is a very good job prospectus. Data Analytics subject is in demand and you have plenty of chances for a good career.
    Once you complete this course you will gain good knowledge and you can work with different teams in different fields of applied scientific research.
    You can pursue your career in many fields like data science, finance and many others. Big companies like Accenture, Oracle Corporation, Infosys, TCS, JP Morga, GSK etc. You will also have chances in NIT, ISI. CSIR, DRDO, ISRO. You may also be considered for various teaching posts in the universities within the concerned department. If you are interested you can go for PhD also.
    There are opportunities in other countries also.

    always confident

  • M.Sc in computational statistics and data science would equip you with the advanced theoretical knowledge and concepts such as Auto Machine - learning and efficiency in the computational - skill.
    Now the question arises why it is essential when most of the degrees such as M.Sc in Statistics doing from Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata and other eminent institutions can dwell sufficient knowledge in the similar line or with a degree of M.Sc in Computer - science would enlarge the computational skill and analytics but unfortunately this is not the case since M.Sc in Comutational skill goes in the domain Bootleg and other theoretical horizons and hence with such a degree application of different computational tools become easy.
    So far the prospects of this is concerned, it has excellent demands in the Reserch - organisation such ISRO, DRDO or even in the IT industries such as Wipro, Accenture, TCS, Infosys etc.
    With the aquistion of this degree there will be a fine blend of theoretical knowledge and your practical assignments being taken up by you in your industries.

  • As you have joined the integrated course in computational statistics and data analytics, it will lead you to a M.Sc. degree in it. It is a specialised field and if you work hard and learn the various aspects of applied statistics and data science, it will help you in making a good career in the field of computational statistics. In fact, data analytics is related to the analysis of large data sets to identify trends, develop charts for these trends and then based on these presentations the management of a company or organisation can take strategic decisions for developing and flourishing the business. A data analyst will generally be mining and presenting data in usable form but if he has a knowledge of a particular business and its elements then he can very well suggest measures for business development also functioning in a role of a business analyst.

    As per my knowledge it is a good career option as there is a demand of data analysts in various fields. They are generally absorbed as Statisticians, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers/ Managers, Big Data Engineers, Program Managers, Project Managers etc.

    If you work hard and come in the merit then the chances of getting a good job increase manifold. After completing your course you have scope for teaching positions in educational institutes, scope as research associate in Govt organisations like CSIR, ISRO and DRDO, can apply in banks, scope in various industries etc. Some of the leading business houses which recruit data analysts are Tata, Infosys, IBM, Mu Sigma, Bosch, Honeywell, Microsoft, Zifo and many more.

    You have to keep a watch on the openings for these posts in the job portals and other places so that the modalities for applying for the same are known to you in time. One thing which is important to note is that many students are now a days going for these career lines and to that extent there will be competition and tough fight so one has to focus and dedicate in the studies to increase ones knowledge and acquire the related skills in best of the ways. These things matter at the time of counselling for the appointments.

    If you can financially afford, you have options to apply for further studies or research work in universities abroad which may open up still better career options for you as there is a need of data analysts in many foreign countries paying high remunerations for these positions.

    Knowledge is power.

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