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  • Can I make a website on my own?

    Interested in making own website and earning money through product reviews? Looking out for advice on how to proceed here? Scroll through this for responses from our ISC experts and decide how to earn money online.

    I am thinking of starting to do product reviews. So do I need to make a new website for that? If yes, then can I make my website on my own for free? How can I make my website for free?
    How much money can be earned from product reviews posting online in print form?
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  • You cannot directly make a free website of your own. Website domains are sold by big companies which control the web like Google. They don't allow you to make free websites as that is their main source of income. They sell the domains of website. Depending on the type of website you want, different domains have different costs. Domains with popular keywords are expensive. Other factors on which the cost depends include the type and amount of content the website can handle, the number of images it can handle, etc. Domains can be bought at a rate as low as RS 99 per month.

    The indirect way of owning a free website is that the web address or the site address will have the name of the website provider in front. There are a number of platforms which allow you to own such websites for free, although you don't really own them. They can make changes to your website or remove it whenever they want.

    Now coming to the point of earning money from posting product reviews online, if you are a beginner, earning money should not be your focus but posting such reviews that people particularly search for your reviews should be your priority. You would have to be dedicated to your website, post reviews regularly, reply to your audiences quickly and politely, do a lot of hardwork, make your product views very popular and the most important, invest as much time as you can in it. When your website becomes so famous that it attracts a good number of customers, you will be able to earn a good amount of money. Here, by 'good', I mean real good money. You will have to wait for atleast a year to start earning good amounts if your website starts attracting people.

    Overall, its a bit tough work but hardwork and real dedication and a bit of luck can help you to achieve it. Since you are a beginner, I would suggest you own a free website through a third party rather than spending money on buying a website or domain. As you get deeper and deeper into this, you will yourself learn more about it.

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you for the reply and explaining things in detail. Your are suggesting to own a free website through a third party but as you said they can make changes and delete content or the website.

  • Yes, they can make changes and delete it if they find anything in violation of their website policies. But since you are a beginner, you just have to focus on making your product views valuable. Once you are experienced enough and you feel that this is the time to fully own your website and generate revenue from it, you can buy one.

    Good Luck!

  • You have few ways to create your own product review website. Here I am suggesting method where you have to pay for the domain and hosting. I'd ask you to avoid free blog or website hosting like blogger and WordPress.

    1. Buy a domain for the website.
    2. Buy hosting and install WordPress
    3. And then install the WordPress for blog.
    4. Write the product reviews in 1500 words or so.

    These are the shortest steps explained. You can edit your blog or website. You can edit and change the themes. You can edit your own post the way you want. You can also add affiliate links and ads to this website. Product reviews need to be in depth. So you may have to consider writing longer post.

  • There are websites or internet companies which sell you a domain name on hiring basis and you have to pay annual charges for it. Depending upon the particular name the charges might increase as that may be a well sought after name. Suppose you want to buy a name like, you may not get it as someone is already using it. So a name which is vacant but at the same time is a catchy name then it will be costlier. So you can get cheaper names also and they may not necessarily be ending with .com but ending with .in or .org and like that.

    Anyway once you have a domain in your name then you have to customise it as per your need. What do you want to populate in this area and how you want it to look like. The most important thing is the content and that is which will attract people to that particular site. So you can visit some of the sites where similar material as you are planning to upload are available. See their quality, the way their comments sections are designed, the navigational ease which is provided there. Keeping these benchmarks in consideration one as to create ones site.

    So good contents and good layout are the key to a successful site and once that is achieved you will start getting traffic to it and once a good traffic is established you can link your site to revenue sharing programmes like Google Adsense.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There is no chance for you to make your own website free of charge. But you can have a blog on free of cost. But it will be a basic model. If you want to have advanced blogs with the help of a mentor you have to make some payment.
    You can make your own website with the help of a good domain seller. The website should be designed in such a way that it will attract the targeted customers. The content you place on the website should be oriented towards that goal.
    Initially, you have to buy a domain name from your from the accredited domain seller. The name should reflect the nature of the business. The customer should be able to know your business by seeing the domain name. It should be search engine friendly.
    Then select a web hosting company. Most of the major internet service provider will provide this also. You have to pay monthly fees for it. The monthly fees depend on the size of the website, the number of email addresses you want and the number of visitors you will get on your site on an average.
    Design various pages on your website. This should be done by preparing suitable content for the website. The pages should be like about us, products, services, clients and contact. One should decide on the pages based on the nature of business and target customers.
    Maintain your website regularly. You should develop the website. You should optimise your website so that the site can be viewed on your mobile device. In such the chances of having more viewers will be possible.

    always confident

  • For making a website on your own is not a difficult things but first and foremost thing you have to do is get a domain in internet by hiring it. You may not get a domain name of your choice but you can have something similar to be contented with. Next thing is designing your web page. If you have knowledge of html or other web creating software you can design the web page as per your choice. When you upload or write content in your site then people will come and may like to comment on your contents so you have to make space for them by providing suitable buttons and boxes etc to write their comments. You can also include feedback buttons to know how they rate the content.

    The content and layout of a site are the main factors which play a crucial part in attracting the users and surfers to your web page. Traffic is the key to earning in the internet. Once you have a respectable traffic you can apply for revenue sharing programs like Google Adsense.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Following are requirements for creating/designing your web site.

    For registration of domain and for the server space the subscriber has to pay certain charges as prescribed by the service provider.

    1. Register the domain name:- The domain names are unique. Therefore you need to check the availability of the selected domain name for registration. You could search the domain name using several web sites.
    2. Server space: You need to obtain server space for uploading your web contents.
    3. Designing of Web site: You need to design your web site with all required contents and upload the same to the server.

    Free web sites:

    There are few web sites which facilitate you to create free web site. But they will not allow you to name the web site as you like. Through the sites like , you can create your free web site. These free web sites will run commercial advertisement in it and you will not have any control over it.

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  • It's a good idea to start product reviews and there are many e-commerce platforms running affiliate programs through which you can advertise their products in your blog or website. A website is required to post those advertisements and if you have a good idea of HTML, PHP or CSS you can build your own website. There is nothing like a free website and if the website is entirely designed by you still you have to pay the hosting charges and purchase the domain name. Periodically, you have to renew them and the charge varies from vendor to vendor. But if it is designed by some other organizations you have to pay the development charges too along with the domain name and hosting charges. There are companies who do all these things for you with a yearly fee and you can go for that too.

    The most important thing is generating traffic for your website and the more people see your site and click on the products you advertise the more chances of earning the revenue. Initially, you have to experiment a lot to find out when it gets more traffic. The focus must be given on the quality of products as well as the review itself. You may check what kind of products you advertise are getting more viewers and can focus on them to generate more traffic. In the beginning, you will not get much traffic so the earning will be very less. With time you will get to know many things and you have to experiment to find out what works best for your website. By finding this, your earnings will gradually increase.


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  • Yes. There are many valid reasons for you to own one subject to the extent to which you are aware of the coding experiences. For instance, in order to create a website, one must be exposed to the most basic languages like that of HTMP & CSS codes and for more advanced coding the languages being used in the websites are jQuery, JavaScript & PHP. On a positive note, if you have a good exposure and experience to the above than you already having a good chance in order to go ahead and implement with your ideas in the web creation.

    The other option wherein you want to begin as a fresher then go for a rental spaces with some other websites like that of I have tried my hand on this and found this to be useful in many aspects. When hiring a one, you will have to pay a certain amount which will vary on the extent the spaces has been asked for along with the duration of times that you want to use it for your own purpose. On a personal note, this could prove out to be a good experience with having inbuilt tools allowing you for more ways of customizations so as to be more accommodated with your stuffs.

    In addition, there would be many other websites which can provide you with different facilities subject to how much you are ready to invest and for this you would be required to analyze and observe the other options that you may find useful in comparison to the others.

    Lastly, to your query of about how far that this would provide you in terms of revenues, than this would again be dependent on about how often that your website are being visited and being referred to some other because that's what would decide the face value of your site.

  • Thank you so much
    Rachit Bansal,
    DR. N. V. Srinivasa Rao,
    Nreeru Bhatt,
    Ved Prakash Anand,
    Sankalan Bhattacharya
    for answering to my question and explaining it in full detail, it is very helpful.
    I do not know how to reply to each answer individually, I think there is no such option.
    Thank you so much for the answers.

  • I have been trying my hands to create own website with owned server space and free but problem is there won't be customer support to you. Basically you have to spend something to start with. There any many you tube videos on how to create website for beginners. Just watch and you should be ready to go.

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