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  • How to choose Course or College in DU?

    Confused about choosing BSc b tased on Course or college? Searching for detailed advice for making the right choice? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with answers for all your queries.

    I have recently passed 12th Standard with Science stream (95% PCM) and have applied in Delhi University (DU).
    Now I am in a dilemma that should I take admission based on Course Preference or College Preference.
    I have decided to give JAM physics paper after graduation, therefore I have to do graduation with physics as a subject. But I am not getting admission in BSc. Physics Hons. in colleges which are known for good Physics faculty and are reputed as well, for e.g, Hindu, Hansraj, St. Stephen, Ramjas, Kirorimal or other colleges of North Campus.
    Instead, I am getting admission in Bsc. Physics Hons. in South Campus of DU, but I am also not getting admission in good colleges of South campus as well, for e.g, Sri Venkateswara.
    But I am getting admission in BSc. Physical Science with Electronics/Comp. Sci in Hindu, Hansraj, Kirorimal, Ramjas.
    So should I go for BSc. Physics Hons. in lower colleges of South Campus like Acharya Narayan Dev, Atma Ram Sanatan Dharam, Shivaji, Rajdhani, Aryabhatta, Ramlal Anand or
    Should I go for BSc. Physical Sci with Electronics/Comp. Sci in Hindu, Hansraj, Kirori, Ramjas considering my decision to give JAM Physics Paper.
    I will really appreciate your answers and efforts.
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  • First of all, I would like to congratulate you on scoring 95% in PCM in 12th standard. 95% in PCM is really a good score. Unfortunately, DU cutoffs are too high.

    DU is a dream for everyone. The north campus colleges are obviously too good and among the best in our country. Its really a tough decision but since you have already decided to go for JAM physics, I would suggest you go for BSc Physics Hons. in south campus colleges. A good college is important but the subjects you love are more important. Also, whether you study in North Campus or South Campus, you are going to get the degree of DU only. If you go for south campus colleges, you are likely to miss some good college life and the college tag, but you will be happy with your subjects. And once you clear JAM, no one is going to ask the college from which you did your graduation. What matters is your area of interest.

    Hope it helps! Good Luck!

  • It is nice to hear that you have cleared your 12th class with good percentage and congratulations for the same. You wanted to appear for JAM Physics after your graduation. JAM Physics paper will be very tough and you should understand the subject well. So hard work from the beginning is required. So you should concentrate.
    Delhi University is a very reputed university. So getting admitted into that university is good.
    The subject you prefer is Physics. So you have to join in B.Sc. Phys Hons. You have to join in the college of DU where you are getting a seat. Once you clear your B.Sc you will get the certificate from the University. There will not be any mention about the college.
    My suggestion is that join in the best college in which you are a getting a seat B.Sc Physics Honours. Concentrate on your studies and work for achieving the goal. All the best to you

    always confident

  • The foundation of a successful career is made when a person does efforts in the area of ones interest and liking. This is of utmost importance as the motivation and encouragement generally arise only in such endeavours.

    A good college is also an important consideration but I put the individual efforts and dedication above that. If you have interest in Physics which is the backbone of all sciences, then it makes sense to sacrifice even the level of college for that. I have seen many examples where students joined top colleges but could not make a career because they lacked the will and efforts to do hard work and serious studies in that competitive environment and finally landed with a mediocre degree. So college and university is important but what is more important is will to succeed and desire to compete.

    I will sincerely advise you to go ahead with your choice of subject and do not bother for the so called top colleges. Only thing is try to be on the top of the lot and score to the best of your capabilities and then there will be brighter options for you in your life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You are genuinely interested to occupy a seat in the colleges of North - campus such as St Stepehens, Hansraj, Ramjus etc because of these colleges being the best in terms of quality - education. Sri Venketaswara located in the south is ranked as one of the best colleges but unfortunately, the same you are not getting in the final admission process.
    While considering the colleges one by one so that you may get one of the best colleges to sustain your studies in Physics, you are considering the environments, efficiencies of faculties, college administration etc. Of course, that is one way of selection of the course in a prudent manner.
    I would say it would be better to go through the syllabus of Physics and get a feed back of representation of the same in some less reputed colleges and if you do get a positive feed back of teaching in such colleges, you may select in one without making delay.
    You need to create a passion for the subject so as to assimilate the different topics such as Electricity & Magnetism, Light, Sound, Nuclear Physics, Heat etc. In that way, you would justify yourself with the ultimate selection.
    Your scorings are important ultimately and so choose a college where you would feel comfortable with the subject.

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