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    Career prospects for diploma holders

    Want to know the career prospects after Diploma in case one has an arrear? Searching for guidance regarding how to tackle the arrear and can one apply for job or BE? On this Ask expert page you can read the responses and decide further plan of action.

    My son has finished diploma in mechanical engineering polytechnic in April 2019 under M scheme of Anna university Chennai.
    But he has one arrear. Can he apply for BE or any other course and also can he apply for jobs when there are arrears?
    Kindly guide me as he is very upset. When can he apply for B.E?
    Can he appear in the next semester or what are the rules in this regard?
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  • A diploma holder can apply for a job or BE only if he or she possesses a diploma certificate, means passing in all papers. In case there is an arrear, the person is not eligible for degree.
    However some small scale company or a startup can give a job as an intern but not a permanent position.
    I would suggest that you can ask your son to prepare well for the arrear and clear it. After that can take up an internship or do some project. This will add value to CvV Once arrear is cleared, then apply for BE with the next batch.
    Hope this answers your question.

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  • An aspirant can persue either a job or may continue higher studies ie degree in Engineering provided one clears all the papers included in the syllabus. It is immaterial that one has secured excellent marks in all the papers except one in which he has failed.
    Your son has to clear the paper within the prescribed time - frame so that he can persue for the B.E. Course, once he clears the back - log.
    On the basis of his current exposure in Diploma, some private companies can provide him a job in the supervisory - cadre on the temporary basis but for his own growth, it is not advisable to sustain such assignments. He has to utilise his time for the better understanding of the subject so that he can clear the same with the impressive marks.

  • The first thing your son should is to appear in the next examination and clear the subject and get the diploma certificate. Without completing the diploma there is no way that he can get admitted to B.E?B.Tech.
    Without clearing the subject your son may get a job in any small industry with a less salary but career prospects will be very less. So I don't think it is advisable. Let him finish the Diploma and then go for lateral entry to B.Tech 2nd year by getting a good rank in the entrance test.

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  • He has to attempt for clearing his arrear in the next earliest available semester. This is of utmost importance. Once it is achieved then the next thing is to apply for admission in B.E. as a lateral entry candidate. One can try for job in the industry even after completing the diploma. However after doing B.E. the chances for better job and good renumeration are much more as compared to diploma holder. So one has the option for going for B.E. or not.

    Please note that he has one arrear in diploma exam. This has to be pondered over as having one arrear is not a healthy sign. In case he goes for B.E. he has to concentrate in the studies and work hard to get good score and try to be in the top candidates. The reason for suggesting this approach is very simple and is required if one wants to get a chance in campus recruitments or wants a bright future after completing B.E. Today there is a tough competition in the market and one has to be in merit if one wants to compete there.

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  • Encourage your son to finish the arrear in the Diploma.Only after clearing the arrear its possible to apply for the B.E. Keep studying for four hours daily will also clear the arrears.

    Even without clearing the arrear its possible to apply for a job and work. The salary won't be competitive to a diploma Holders. It will be very less than diploma Holder's salary.
    It will be hard competition. So obtain the degree and complete the diploma. After that the person is eligible to apply for a B.E. degree and earn a handful of money.

  • No he will not be granted direct second year for B.E. until arrears cleared. Best would be to clear that. On parallel side he can give government exam which are meant for diploma holders. They need appearing students but if cleared the exam then you have to show passing certificate but that gives breathing time to clear subject.

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