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  • What are the home remedies to save us from kidney problems?

    Interested in knowing how to solve kidney problems? Searching for detailed precautions and home remedies here? Scroll through this Ask Expert page where you can find suggestions and advice to avoid kidney problems.

    What are the home remedies to save us from kidney problems? As we know kidney issues are Increasing day by day at last treatment become difficult but precaution is better than medicine so I want to know what we can do to save us from Kidney failure issues.
    What things we can use which are easily available at home can help us to save from kidney issues? Drinking is main reason for kidney failure and market oil is also very dangerous . We need to use less oil and avoid alcohol drinking.
    Please share your valuable opinion on this.
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  • Kidney is the vital part of our body and is mainly engaged for the purification of of blood blood by ejecting out waste material through urine. Non - function of the kidney would cause swelling of the body due to retention of the excess water and toxins such urea and Creatnine in the body.
    We can rely rely upon certain herbs which would act on the root cause of the disease and can flush out the undesirable elements from our body. Precisely we can take up the following remedies to tone up our kidney - system.
    1) This herb is known as Punarnava and Himalaya company prepares the same in the form of tablets of strength of 250 mg each tablets. These tablets should be taken for two months one tablet each time after meal.
    2) Gokhru is the wonderful herb in toning up kidney - function if the same is taken up with Chandra - Prabha Vati made by any reputed company such as Baidya Nath, Dabur or Patanjali. Chandra Prabha Vati is the mixture of potent medicines such as Sheelajeet, Guduchi etc which can cure the disease from its root.
    3) Dandelion - root may also be used in the form of tea twice daily to expel urea, excess Creatnine from the urinary - system. You may use the same with the consultation of competent Vaidya.
    4) Accupuncture can help you to the considerable extent by pressing middle of both the palms for five minutes in the morning in the empty stomach.
    5) Avoid drinking wines at all the cost since this may cause progressive dysfunction of the kidney. Even consumption of Khaini, Gutka,Cigarrettes are equally dangerous for the Kidney - health and hence better to refrain from the tobacco related products.
    6) Consuming water in the standing position has to be curbed since the same has the detrimental effect on the kidney - functioning.
    7) Plenty of allopathy - medicines known as analgesic medicines are available in the market. It's continious usage in an indiscreet way would invite kidney - problem. Hence we need to be particular with the use of analgesics.
    8) Ensure that you are taking deep sleep in the night and such a routine would allow the kidney to function in the normal way.
    9) If suffering from Diabetes or Blood - pressure, care has to be taken to control these disorders with the proper medicines as suggested by the physicians for better kidney - health.

  • I suffer from the same issue and last 5 years here's how I am avoiding kidney stones.

    1. Avoid eating cabbage, brocoli, palak, cauliflower, muli, pickles etc.
    2. Avoid making use of the food that has salt.
    3. Avoid making use of the soda based drinks like pepsi, coke etc.
    4. Avoid anything that has lot of salt, calcium etc.
    5. If you eat non veg, you can avoid eating meat (lamb or beef) and seafood (prawns, fish).

    Here's what you can eat.

    1. You can eat chicken, fried chicken eggs. It will only increase heat in body and have nothing to do with the kidney stones.
    2. Eat oats, and kellogs products which is not corn and sugary items.
    3. Eat soups with less salt and don't add the aginomoto.
    4. Try salad without cabbage and items which are not suitable for you.
    5. Eat whole grain bread.

    Make sure you don't gain weight because more you gain weight, harder it becomes to deal with the kidney stone problem.

    What medicine I am using?

    I am currently taking "Berberis Vulgaris" 10 to 20 drops into 1 cup of water every 5 days. This not only helps with the kidney stone but also reduces the uric acid from the body. You can consult with the homeopathy doctor and I am sure he will recommend this medicine as well.

    Read this line with extreme care: Never get into sedentary lifestyle. Do not gain the weight from the stomach side. That flab is the reason kidney stones will be quicker to form and it pains more if you have gained the weight. So daily 10 to 30 minutes walk is necessary for both health and also for overall lifestyle improvement.

    Note: Next stage of kidney stone is gout which leads to more health issues. So make sure to keep the diet and don't get into the stage of gout.

    I hope this information helps you keeping the diet and keep the kidney stones away.

  • Thanks for sharing information,your all suggestion is nice and implementable I hope other people also get the advantage of this thread.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

  • Natural remedies and foods for Kidney health.
    1. Avoid refined sugars.
    2. Don't take processed foods.
    3, Consume Organic food
    4. Drink optimal amounts of water.
    5. Fasting once in a while is good
    6. Cucumber is good
    7. Limes, lemons and onions are useful to avoid kidney problems
    8. Don't eat Tomatoes.
    9. Berres and beetroot are good to eat.

    always confident

  • Our kidneys are bean shaped organs located just below our rib cage slightly in the middle of our back. They appear to be small organ but they do a herculean task of filtering 20% of the total blood pumped by the heart. On an average a person has 7 to 8 litres of blood in his body. The kidneys filter about 180 litres of blood in one day which means that the entire blood is filtered in almost every hour. From this it is clear that kidneys have to work a lot to keep the blood clean.

    The functions of the kidney are very important. Some of them are keep the volume of water constant in our body, remove extra water and toxic materials out of body through urine, regulate the blood pressure, maintain calcium level in the body etc. There are millions of small biological filters in the kidney to perform this great task. The filtered blood is sent back to the body through the renal vein.

    There are many measures which are required to keep the kidneys healthy and working. The primary thing is daily exercises and it is recommended to exercise at least half an hour per day. Low sodium diet having fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy etc can help in bringing the blood pressure under control as the high blood pressure damages the kidneys.

    There are some foods which are recommended in strengthening the kidneys. These are Blueberries, Cauliflower, Apple, Cabbage, Red Bell Peppers, Extract of the seeds, roots, and leaves of Land caltrops, Soup of Buteamonosperma's flowers (Flame of the forest), Chamomile Tea, Red Sandalwood, Marshmallow Root, Aloe Vera, Watermelon, Ginger, Cherries, Cinnamon, Lemon Juice, Basil, Asian Ginseng, Green Tea and Cranberries.

    One must avoid junk foods, fatty items and overeating for keeping the kidneys healthy. Remember there is already a lot of load on kidneys as they have to work 24/7 for filtering of the blood.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is widely told that one should consume a good volume of water daily and minimum seven liters per day. A doctor told that the water consumption should be according to a particular body condition as over consumption of water may give over work to kidney and leads to kidney malfunction.
    Besides taking banana stem juice or by cooked frequently keeps good kidney function. This is used in our house since our grandma period.

  • From my childhood I have heard my grandparents and elders telling(and using) Barley water good for urinary and kidney issues. Water boiled with Barley seeds is believed to cleans the kidneys and enable smooth flow of urine.
    However anything in excess is not good. So one should stick to normal, moderate and regular and regulated use.

    One should not suppress the urge to drink water. If one is getting only very hard water for drinking regularly , it is better to use RO water filters and reduce the TDS to permissible and tolerable levels. However too low TDS also is not good as it will deprive us of essential minerals.

    Too much consumption of alcohol, chemically 'tastified' food and drinks are adding load to the kidneys as they work overtime to remove the unacceptable materials from body.

    Just a few days back, one of my friends had to undergo kidney stone surgery. The removed stones were shown to us. They really appear as stones. So hard and rough. Not every case need such a surgery.
    An elderly woman then told us( from her experience) that in Kerala Ayurveda, there is some herbal medicine 'Kallurukki"( meaning that which melts stones) which helps to dissolve the kidney stones. That was an information to me. I have yet to get more details on that.
    Regarding one point mentioned in an answer above, I had also been told by a practising Ayurvedic physician that 'Chandraprabha Vati" is very effective in urinary/urine related problems . However avoid self medication and consult a qualified and experienced physician.

  • The first thing to know is that alcohol consumption does not cause kidney failure. Excessive alcohol consumption causes liver damage.

    Kidney disease can be a primary condition, the most common of which is kidney stone. This condition, if not controlled can severely damage the kidneys. Other medical conditions that cause the deterioration of the kidneys are diabetes, hypertension (blood pressure) and atherosclerosis.

    Men are more prone to kidney infections, especially when age catches up and they suffer from an enlarged prostate gland. Pregnant women are susceptible to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which can spread to the kidneys and affect them.

    Kidney problems can also be a side-effect of common medication, such as aspirin, acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, diclofenac etc., when used over a long period of time, without a doctor's supervision. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements also damage the organ.

    To avoid kidney disease, drink a lot of fluids, so the kidneys get flushed out, periodically. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut down on fatty foods.

    What you eat is very important, especially if you have a kidney problem or suffering from health issues that harm the kidneys. Foods rich in phosphorous contribute to kidney stones of the calcium phosphate variety. These include all kinds of meats, dairy, nuts and beans.

    Foods that are rich in oxalate increase the risk of uric acid stones. Foods to avoid include green leafy veggies, beetroot, chocolate, tea and sweet potatoes to name a few.

    Avoid these foods only if you have a history of kidney stones. It is best to consult a dietician for a proper diet chart rather than eliminating foods on your own as doing so could cause nutritional deficiency.

    Other conditions that cause kidney damage are bacterial infections called nephritis. Kidneys can also become damaged because of infections in the body.

    Follow a healthy lifestyle and drink a lot of fluids. You should pass at least 2 litres of urine every day, to keep stones from forming.

    Information sourced from a Reader's Digest Health Guide

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