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  • Reason of swollen eyelids in the morning

    Suffering from swollen eyes? Worried if this could lead to any serious issue in the future? Check out this Ask Expert page and get help from our experts regarding whether there is a need to see any physician.

    From the past 8-10 days, I am noticing that my eyelids are swollen in spite of having a sound sleep. I washed my eyes, but nothing worked. Swelling goes itself after 30-40 minutes. I am not feeling any pain or any other discomfort. What could be the reason for swelling?
    I am scared if it is an alarm of any future problem. Should I meet a physician?
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  • There are many reasons for swollen eye lids and every one of them gives different symptoms. Generally if it is an ailment related then some pain and discomfort will be associated with it. The main reasons of eye lid swelling are - allergic or blocking of sweat glands or infection of sweat glands or exhaustion or fatigue or lack of sleep or crying or infection in tissues or side effects of some cheap cosmetics etc.

    In your case there is no discomfort and it is not a permanent problem as it goes itself after half an hour. So, right now it does not appear to be a reason for worry and in future if it sustains and creates pain or discomfort then you will have to visit an eye doctor for advice.

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  • This could be because of a certain kind of profile that you have associated with. To my guess, being a Lead Editor, you may have to look at your monitor consistently and for a longer duration of time. This in itself is not good for any of us and therefore in the first place I would request you to pl. avoid that. In addition, as a gesture of giving rest to your eyes, it would be a good suggestion to keep moving from your seat and the reason may not be the official one. For example, spending some time at the coffee machine or have some talk with your colleague so as to get regular breaks while doing computer related jobs that involves mostly with your eyes.

    As a precautionary measure, you can consult with a doctor in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion going on in your mind with some good initiatives on your behalf too including,
    1. Good intake of fruits and vegetable including water.
    2. Wear sunglasses when in direct sunlight.
    3. Using helmet so as to not to invite dust and insects into your eyes which may come-up with another undesired implications.

    We are experiencing something but we are not an expert so go and meet one.

  • As we all know very well adult people require maximum 8 hours of good sleep.

    Sometimes, we do stare at our computers or television or smart phones beyond our bedtime. Which gives more stress to eyes and results dry eyes(probably burning sense).

    When it continues, eye lids get swollen. Compensating sleeping hours during day time won't help as the night time sleep helps hormones secretion(takes care of body metabolism).

    Set your bedtime with minimum 7 to 8 hours during night. It's great to sleep at same time regularly.

    1) As a first step to reduce swelling, soak a thick cloth in warm water. Place the thick towel soaked in warm water on swollen eyes(consider bearable heat). Repeat it few times to get pleasant relief. Follow the same for two or three days if required but only twice a day. This can be done at any time.

    2) A couple of days after inflammation decreased, keep cucumber slices on eyes when going to sleep.

    Note : Those who gets affected by coldness easily can restrict more usage of cucumber slices.

    If you are sleeping at regular time and no stress to eyes due to devices then it's better to consult doctor if the above measures doesn't give solution.

  • As there is no soreness, discolouration, pain or discomfort, I am assuming that you do not have any particular issue with your eyes.

    When one sleeps well and full and wakes up, it is normal to have a slightly puffed up face and eyes.
    By washing face and eyes and involving in routine activities, it disappears. While we are sleeping our inner systems direct more blood to needed areas and do repair work. So for those who work more at desk, on computers, watch TV, do welding works etc involving eye exposure and strain, the inner system takes more care of the eyes and do repair and maintenance of the eyes. So more blood is pumped and some cushioning is given. This makes the eyes/eyelids appear swollen.

    Those who sleep on sides mostly with pillow pressed to their chin and eye sides also may see swollen eyelids and chin in the morning on waking up. But all these will vanish soon once the blood flow becomes distributed on our waking and moving around.
    However if you see puffing up only on the lower corners of the eye on waking up, and they appear every day consistently, , then that can be early signal of some issue internally. Similarly if the swollen appearance seems like a roll and is seen everyday consistently, then it is a indication of 'pitha' and that should be treated. But that will have additional confirmation signs like lack of lustre in the eyes etc.

    As of now it i only a sign that the body inner system has done its repair and maintenance while you had a good sleep. Hence forth try to reduce the strain by reducing continuous work on computer,smartphone, TV watching etc.

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