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  • How to initiate career for a woman with a son

    Interested in starting to work again after a maternity gap? Searching for information about most suitable jobs in the market? Here, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you guidance to choose from teaching, software development and any other job.

    I have done my MCA in 2014. However, due to personal reasons I was never able to pick up a job.
    Since it has been very long that I am out of touch from my studies, I am very confused from where should I start my career. I have a 3.5 years old son whom I need to take care of and also I need to work on my communications skills.

    Please guide me from where should I start, should I go for teaching, analysts jobs, software development or is there anything else that I can look into.
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  • As you have completed your MCA in 2014, now it is very difficult to get a job in analysts jobs and software jobs. They prefer freshers or with people with some experience. You have a child of 3.5 years age whom you have to take care of. The best-suited line for you will be a teaching line. There are many private colleges where there are BCA courses. Those colleges will take MCA passed candidates as lecturers. You can try in a college and join there. The job will be time specific and you will have sufficient time to take care of your child. You can send your child to play school and you can attend college and come back by the time your child will be back from school.

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  • If you are willing to work hard there are options for you as you are a qualified person that also with a postgraduate degree in computer applications. You have two main options in this situation if you are keen to pursue a job.

    First is that you have to search a play school or day care school where you have to keep your child and then can go for a job. In your case it will be advisable to search a job in your vicinity or the locality as you will be near to your house and can commute quickly in case of exigencies as you have a small child to take care. A teaching job will be the ideal thing in such circumstances but teaching does not necessarily means to teach in a school. It could very well be a tutorial centre or coaching class near your place and you can comfortably teach there subjects of your choice. You can even consider opening your own tuition centre in your house limiting the number of students to minimum as per the space available.

    The second option is to go for online freelancing jobs related to computer applications or any other area where you have core strength. There are many platforms where you can register and then search the job or project of your choice and complete it and submit back. There is a crowding in such places as many people especially housewives are engaged in such platforms to make some money in their spare time. With some efforts and practice you will be well aware of the working procedures and selection of projects in such sites and slowly will start earning also. There are many platforms like that and some of the reputed and popular are - Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, We Work Remotely, FlexJobs, Smashing Jobs, Genuine Jobs, Topcoder, Taskr etc.

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  • As per my experience, you are late but not that much. I am saying so because you still having the options of going ahead with your interest but then your options get limited here because of no major achievements in your resume since long. So considering this scenario, I would request you to look for the long term returns instead of short term advantages.

    Try searching for entry level jobs and then pick the job that suits you the most. Don't expect too much in terms of salary but try to improve your database of information on the respective areas, work on your weaknesses and then switch for a higher one.

    I would like to include that the things doesn't seems to the easy and the pleasant one when implemented and therefore be focused and take your criticism in a positive way.

    In addition, do some SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat) analysis to get the maximum of you. This will help in listing with yours different behavioral aspects letting you deciding on your next move. For instance in the main thread you have mentioned, "also I need to work on my communications skills", which could be listed under your weaknesses which means this needs improvement in order to convert this to your strength and this way you can work on the number of other aspects as well.

  • Depending on the necessity and/or urgency you have to choose and accept jobs.

    As your child is only three and half years, his care is an important matter. So you have to take up a job ensuring his care. If there is someone at home to do that then it easier. Otherwise you may have to take up a job at a place where a 'day care' center and/or play school/ creche is available nearby.
    Regarding job, you may have to start with a job where only general skill is needed. With MCA completed just five years back, you may have to first compromise and satisfy with a job which may not be paying you much initially.

    Try to get a job in an organisation or business where computer applications are used . There are many openings in that regard. Then try to get experience and update knowledge either from experienced colleagues or joining some part time classes/self study.

    Once you gain experience and update and also gain some special knowledge further getting good paying jobs wiil be relatively easier.

    It may not be practical easily for getting a software job for you. But that is not impossible also.
    Alternatively, yu can try to do self employment jobs using your education subject. You can do computer based freelance jobs at home . But that may not be helping a regular income. You can also take up tuition coaching for housewives, elders and students in computer applications.

  • You have an MCA from 2014 and now planning to work and have a 3 1/2 yr son and you need to improve your communication skills. What you can do immediately is consider taking tuitions or teach mathematics, algebra and other subjects that you are familiar with. There is a lot of demand for home tuitions including for languages in many residential neighborhoods.

    While you are still starting, you can consider these two online options, you may not earn large amounts but still you would get some exposure. At ISC you can earn by contributing articles related to your MCA subjects and other areas that you are well versed with.
    Roz Dhan App - A good way to earn money daily.
    How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense.

    Once your son is enrolled in a nursery/playschool/creche, then you can focus on a teaching career. Since you want to improve your communication skills, you can check this Certificate in communication skills for BPI, IT and related sectors from IGNOU. You can complete this course in 6 months. This would add some weightage to your CV.

    You can also check the good high schools who hire part-time computer teachers with BCA/MCA qualifications.
    After this, you can try the suggestions given by the other experts. If not successful and you like teaching but ok consider a different path, then you can consider a government or a private teaching job by taking up a B.Ed course from IGNOU.

  • Hello,
    Look for all kind of job opportunities that suits your studies. Instead of thinking what to do spend more time on job hunt. All fields are good either teaching or software development. For your gap and current student passout situation you hardly will be considered fresher. So getting into IT is very difficult. Better look more for teaching job. Same time opt for some certification of IT like programming language from reputed institutes like CDAC. Your kid will grow by that time so you have option of keeping him in play school during your work hours or after his school.
    Remember you are not only in this situation. Many women working and managing their kids. So think positive and find solution.

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