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  • Interview Question for a Bank job as Relationship Manager

    Preparing for the interview of relationship manager for a bank? Looking out for information about how to proceed to answer question regarding the bank's core values? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the solution to your query.

    Please describe an experience (personal/work) where your behaviour was in line with one of our core values.

    This is what the bank says about its core values :"Anchored in its core values of Integrity, Customer Care, Teamwork, Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence, MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) Group remains true to its mission – to generate sustainable value for its stakeholders and to catalyse the prosperity of Mauritius"

    The answer should be according to the bank's core values.
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  • If one has done certain tasks in life during project work or in ones job as per the basic philosophy of success through excellence in services then one can very well answer this question and present his views as well as working methodology. I will suggest the answer like this -

    In accordance with the core values of the Mauritius Bank I am confident that we can provide an exemplary service to the customer at reasonable charges to create confidence and faith on us so that he comes to us regularly for his banking operations and both of us win from this as he gets the world class services and we get a valued customer. For a bank the most important person is the customer. If we keep abreast with technology and provide competitive services it will be beneficial to the bank also as the enlarged business will provide the dividends to the stakeholders and the bank will progress ahead with flying colours.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The best way to brief this is by providing with one of yours direct experiences from either of your previous organizations. For example, being the Relationship Manager you are equally involved with the co-ordination activities with both the internal and external customers to settle with the issues in the interest of the customers without negotiating the interest of the Firm so as to be profitable on both the accounts.

    Due to tough competition, any of the banks are working aggressively in the various areas in order to come-up with different schemes liable to attract more customers which will directly impact the revenue of that bank and even a slight variations could let the bank either on a profitable side or became a loser. Due to more such schemes on its list the customer may have the confusion when the proper communication is not done letting the customer completely on a doubtful state making him to move to some other options.

    The individual person is a very negotiable area to start with but going ahead any of the banks are also listed with big corporates with the heavy financial transactions with huge sum of loans and thereafter the increasing interest rate. The Relationship Manager needs to balance all this. If you lose the client then there are other banks which are already waiting for them and considering this you may be losing a big deal here.

    Let's have the two important responsibilities here of this profile,
    1. One is to get the money from the defaulters list.
    2. And another one is to create more new customers.

    If you are able to explain these two with some direct experiences including some factual evidences than this should work. Best of luck.

  • You haven't provided any background, so it is difficult to give you an answer without knowing your qualification, experience and what you have done so far. The answer to the question cannot be generic, it has to be relatable.

    I am providing a broad outline on 'teamwork' on which you can base your response –

    Teams work together and get things done together. Each team member has a responsibility within which they work. Additionally, they work together, sync their tasks so the outcome is a whole. Members of the team who do not work in collaboration with the others, create tension, rift and distraction. Their attitude causes misunderstandings, delays and impairs successful outcomes. That is how teamwork works.

    Your response must demonstrate the qualities that show you as a great team player. Illustrate it with real examples. If you are straight out of college let the example be about something you did as part of a group or society. If you have work experience mention a project that you were part of and how you collaborated with others to its successful completion.

    However, do not focus on your role alone – remember you were part of a team and were not working in isolation. Hence, share that you worked together with your classmates or colleagues to achieve the target. Mention how valued their efforts were.

    You may think it is counter-intuitive to mention someone else's performance and achievements, but if you highlight it properly you will stand out as a great team player – one who recognises that teamwork is about everyone working together. So, cut out the 'I' from your response and focus on the team. The questionnaire specifically mentions 'teamwork', so the company wants someone who understands that a team is about all the players, and not one. And you must demonstrate that in your response.

    It is important to answer these questions properly because potential employers will read your response and gauge whether you are a cultural fit for their organisation. If you match up the cultural fit your chances of an offer improve.

    Keep your story believable and remember that you will also be going through an interview round if you clear the application round. You should be able to answer questions on whatever you mention in your application.

    Best of luck.

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