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  • Career in Photonics after Masters in Physics.

    Aspiring for a career in photonics? want to know more about the Master's program offered by Imperial college London? Check out this Ask Expert page where our ISC experts have provided responses to your query.

    How to proceed with a career in Photonics with MSc Physics from Mumbai University considering j
    Should I go for PhD after Msc Physics or apply for Job abroad ?
    I have interest in Lasers, Holography, Photonics.
    There is a Masters program in Optics and Photonics at Imperial College London, after MSc physics in Mumbai. Will it be sensible to joining masters at Imperial?
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  • Photonics (Optoelectronics) is the branch of Physics where we study the light particles (Photons), their generation, detection and controlling them. This has emerged as a big area and has many new and splendid applications in the field of optics, electronics, communications, imaging, health care, medicine, defence etc. The propagation of photons through an optical cable (fibre cable) has opened new vistas of fast and accurate communication and has helped in realising greater band widths for communication. Photon emission in stimulated radiation mode has a great application in lasers for pin pointed focussed applications like laser surgery. So this area is going to have good scope for job point of view as well as for research work.

    What I will suggest is that after completing your Masters in Photonics you apply for fellowship in some reputed foreign university (including Imperial College, London, UK) and if you get admission there then you can do your research work and in all probability this being an emerging area in many facades of the industries, you will be able to secure some technical job either in that foreign country or in India.

    Only thing is you have to secure good score in your post graduation so that your application for research abroad can be considered on merit and for meritorious students there are opportunities of sponsored scholarships.

    Some of the reputed foreign universities for Photonics are - Imperial College, London, UK; University of Bristols, UK; University of Rochester, USA and University of Ottawa, Canada.

    If you do not get an opportunity abroad then you can do research work in Photonics from International School of Photonics (Cochin University of Science and Technology). There are other institutions also like IIT Delhi, ISM Dhanbad, SGSITS, Indore and DAVV, School of Laser Science, Indore where one can do the research work.

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  • This is a branch of physics which gives the science of photons. There are a few universities offering this course in India. The career prospects are more abroad than in India. There are some jobs in India also for various scientists posts in India also like DRDO and ISRO etc. But if you get a good score in your M.Sc, you will have chances of getting a fellowship for conducting research in good Institutes in India and more abroad. Once you complete your PhD in this subject you will have more chances of getting good employment in other countries. All depends on the Institute in which you will do your PhD.

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