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  • Part time Phd and B.Ed simultaneously already done

    Have a query about simultaneously attempting PhD part time and BEd full time? Looking out for its validity here? No worries, check out this page and get responses to your query from our ISC experts.

    As a deputed candidate I have completed my B. Ed 2015-2017 (June) and have also completed my PhD registration on January 13th 2017 (as a part time Scholar. My PhD will be completed in 2019 June). Can you provide your comments?
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  • Does not matter as long as valid degree certificates from university you can assured that it is valid. Just get good score and secure your future. Anyways both the degrees are about 6 month overlap so it should be OK.

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  • You are due to complete your PhD in June 2019 and now you have raised this doubt about dual degree enrolment. You have mentioned that you were a deputed candidate and completed B.Ed full time and you have enrolled for a P hD as part time with an overlap of 6 months.

    There has been lot of discussion about doing two degrees simultaneously. Two full time degrees simultaneous is not allowed. One full time and one distance mode PG/Diploma/Certificate course in allowed in some universities.

    The UGC guidelines are clear that it does not endorse two degrees simultaneously. I would suggest that you write to the university under which your PhD is registered. Explain clearly the overlap time and get the clearance from them. Once you get your reply, please proceed accordingly. You can also discuss with your PhD guide who would have reliable advise or a contact with whom you can seek clarifications.

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  • As per UGC stipulations one can have one regular course and one correspondence course during the same time which means simultaneously. So as per legalities and admissibility point of view your degrees will be valid. So there is no worry for the overlap period in your case. While registering for PhD you must have mentioned your qualifications or the courses you were undergoing and that is sufficient to prove your truthfulness as you have disclosed the status there itself. If due to any reason you have not done that you can inform the present institution about that degree attainment date just as a matter of courtesy and bringing in that thing in the present records.

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  • Thanks everyone

  • There is no problem. You have done your B.Ed as a full-time course. You have registered for your PhD as a part-time student. Another important point is by the time you pass your pre PhD examination, your B.Ed will be over. So there will not be any objection. Once you write your Pre PhD examination and clear it, the things will become very clear.
    I hope you might have mentioned the fact to your research director under whom you got your name registered for PhD. It is always advisable to tell all the facts to the concerned professor so that afterwards if there is any complication he will come to your rescue. One more thing is I hope when you have applied for a Part-time PhD you might have mentioned all the facts in the application. In such a case, you need not worry.

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