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  • How to apply for improvement exam?

    Facing a low score issue in GSEB boards? Wondering if it is possible to appear for improvement exam and become eligible for NEET? Our ISC experts shall provide you with advice on how to resolve this issue on this page.

    How can I apply for improvement exam for GSEB boards? Like in CBSE there is improvement exam but is there any improvement exam in Gujarat board also? I have scored low marks and they are not enough for NEET eligibility criteria? And if there is not improvement exam then can I apply for CBSE improvement exam even I'm not from CBSE?
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  • If students are not happy with the scored marks, then most of them think of improvement exams. As far as improvement exams go, it varies from state to state but you would have to wait for a year to appear in them. Once you submit your forms for the improvement exams, then the old score would be invalid.

    Please keep checking the Gujarat Secondary and Higher secondary education board website for rules and details of how to apply for improvement exams.

    As far as state board and CBSE goes, one cannot appear for both at the same time. If you give up your state board results, you can appear in CBSE as a 'PRIVATE" candidate AFTER one year. Please meet your teachers or school principal and get more information and then decide wisely.

  • You can appear for the improvement exam in GSEB. You will be spending one precious year of your educational career in that. So it is imperative that you should do hard work and all out efforts to secure good score. It is very necessary otherwise the whole objective of improvement will fail. So apply for it and start studying seriously. You can do it from any college but it will be convenient if you do from your own college.

    For doing it from CBSE they may not allow you to do so as a regular candidate and you might have to enrol as a private candidate. You will also face the difficulty in the subtle changes in the syllabus and examination pattern and I will not advise you to go for that.

    Remember you are wasting one year of your prime time, you must get the appropriate return from this exercise. All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

  • GSEB will allow attending examinations again for improvement. But once you apply for improvement the old result will be null and void. So the next result whatever comes only will be valid. So you should think twice before taking a decision. If you feel that you can work hard and try all means to get a better result then you can go for it. All depends on your will and the confidence you have in you. However, it is you who has to take a decision. Think and act.
    For appearing in CBSE pattern you will have to apply as a private candidate and write the examination. It is a very risky proposition and you have to do a lot of hard work as there will be many differences from what you studied and what you have to study in CBSE.

    always confident

  • In case, you are not satisfied with your scoring of the Board Examination conducted by Gujrat Board, you may meet the principal of your school and apprise him of your intention to reappear in the examination for the improvement of your marks. The principal would talk to the Secratary of the Board for your inclusion in the supplementary examination.
    It is quite possible that your marks in the different subjects would improve substantially with your hard labour. In that case, you would get your results with your revised marks and the earlier result would stand cancelled.
    Such an effort might be risky if your scorings in the different subjects are lower than the earlier ones and in that case, your earlier marks would remain no more valid. You have to be satisfied with the current marks.
    You can appear in the CBSE Board as a private candidate and with your dedicated efforts and better guidance of teachers, your performance may be exceptional. You need to chalk out your plan accordingly and pay your attention to the syllabus of CBSE Board and the preparation should be done accordingly.

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