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  • Which is best to buy among Desktop or Laptop?

    Confused between buying a laptop or desktop for home use? Searching for detailed comparison and the most suitable configurations and brands in the market? Find advice from experts on this page and decide whether to go for laptop or desktop.

    Which is best to buy: Desktop or Laptop? In suggestions please recommend best configuration to buy and which brand is famous in the market.

    What configuration is best to support gaming software as well as normal ERP software? ERP software can be Microsoft ERP which is useful for middle level companies and small companies.

    I am waiting for your best answer selection.
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  • Hello,
    Laptop is best suitable when you need to work outside home also. Compare with your need of Gaming and ERP software you will need strong RAM or memory i.e. minimum 16gb plus 4gb of gaming memory which is graphics DDR SDRAM. With this configuration laptop will generate lot of heat for processor so I would suggest go for Desktop. Desktop will come in same configuration and in lessor price. You can buy any LG or Samsung tab for work purpose as portable device. If you exclude gaming then you can go for Laptop with same memory except graphics card and extra RAM.

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  • The choice of a Desktop or a Laptop ultimately depends on the need, the personal preference and home environment. If you have children at home, the you can have a good desktop that will allow them to do their study related projects or net based education, online tutions etc. Along with this you can use it to do out of hours urgent office work. If children's needs are not in the picture, then you can buy a good Laptop.

    If you are serious about gaming and doing work then usually one laptop would suffice because the basic difference is the bigger screen size and higher internal memory. It would be wise to remember that gaming laptops are often heavy, can generate more heat and it's battery life is relatively shorter.

    Acer, MSI, Alienware and Asus are the sought after brands in the gaming sector, HP, dell and lenovo are the good ones in the regular laptop class. Most laptops and desktops are based on the CPU - central processing unit, a gaming laptop is based on the GPU - graphics processing unit. The GPU cannot be upgraded easily, hence if you need for gaming is vital, then you need a good GPU card like Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. The RAM of the laptop for gaming would be around 16GB with a decent storage space.

    So, I would suggest, think over, once you decide on the level of gaming and the time/day spent on it you can decide on a quality gaming version or a budget version. There are many sites like etc that you can browse, save and then re-visit before finalising.

    If you still cannot makeup your mind, then give a shot at the websites that allow you to custom design your laptop based on your needs, like for instance (

  • The choice depends on what is your prime use. If your use involves using it in journeys and during a commute, or you have to move to various places on the job and need online processing of office matters or job involves doing on the move, using own machine then a Laptop is essential.

    If on the other hand your use is confined to a place home or office only then a Desktop PC is needed only.

    In present-day use, as almost all have a smartphone for most of their personal or even online job matters, an additional laptop may not be needed. Instead, a Desktop at home or office is okay. That will also enable others to also use the same when you are not using it.
    Let me narrate the major advantages and disadvantages of Desktop and Laptop.

    With Desktop, one can work comfortably sitting on a chair and with the convenience of use for the aged and less tech-savvy. Desktops can be connected to relatively wider screens and hence visibility and ease of operation interface are good. It is easy to connect more hardware a la carte with desktop. This facilitates permanent additions of hardware and can be utilised for many uses. Desktops are relatively less costly and more durable.

    It needs relatively more space. But modern monitors and CPU are slim and can be fit into less space with proper interior /all arrangement. As the desktop machines are kept at a fixed place usually proximity to walls or corners, they are prone to catch dirt and cobwebs if not properly cleaned regularly. This can affect performance also. It is cumbersome to keep the desktop machine and its accessories covered dust proof always.


    As the size and weight are quite less, it is easy to carry and keep safe. As a Laptop has its lid a Laptop is kept closed by default. The laptop cover which comes with it or by purchase is easy to drape on it and the Laptop practically remains clean always. This helps its performance. A Laptop can be used in any comfortable position one needs as far as the user can hold or keep it in that position. One can even use it lying on the bed, even though it is not advisable based on various other factors. Present-day Laptops have storage and other facilities and feature almost equal to Desktop machines. Having a Laptop helps real-time working and connecting.

    The main drawback of laptops is heating. One has to be careful in this regard. The battery backup is a constraint and a Laptop is not suited for continuous long term use. Though people use it keeping the charging on this is not advisable considering various factors including personal safety. Longtime usage of a Laptop placing on one's lap is not good for health. If not handled and used with care and concern Laptops are more prone to breakage and physical damage.

    Considering all the above factors, it is suggested to have a Desktop along with a good smartphone or Tablet PC for transit use.

  • It depends upon you where do you want to use your PC and how to use your PC. Even desktop is somewhat more powerful than laptops, but if you feel that you want to travel for some days outside, you are mobile and you want to use your pc, then the laptop is good for you economically. Most people buy a laptop these days. If you don't have constraints of frequent traveling, then the desktop is good for you, The most powerful thing is that it has a battery saver option.

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